Peyton Manning has parting shot for Al Jazeera, but may want to watch his blindside

Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning offered a sarcastic parting shot to Al Jazeera America.

The struggling network announced this week that it was shutting down in April.

“I’m sure it’s just devastating to all their viewers,” said the Super Bowl-winning quarterback during a press conference Wednesday.

Manning is no fan of Al Jazeera America since the network produced a documentary that claimed he had a human growth hormone shipped to his house under his wife’s name while recovering from neck surgery.

Manning has strongly denied the allegation and told ESPN that the documentary was “complete garbage.”

But the player may want to watch his blind side. The unit that produced the documentary will not be affected by the shutdown of Al Jazeera America, the Washington Post reported. The investigative reporters behind that effort are part of a separate entity, Al Jazeera Media Network.

Tom Tillison


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