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Before it got ugly: What Trump said about Cruz when he hosted him at Mar-a-Lago

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It was only a little less than two years ago when Donald Trump introduced Sen. Ted Cruz at a Lincoln Day dinner in Palm Beach, Florida with nothing but gushing accolades for the Texas Senator.

Of course, times have changed.

Today, Trump is unleashing a timely and stealthy attack on Cruz ahead of the Iowa primary where the two GOP candidates are in a head-to-head dogfight to win the state.

Planting big, disruptive, unrelenting seeds of doubt about foreign-born Cruz’s eligibility to become president, Trump is hoping to deal a death-blow to the campaign of his biggest rival – and former ally.

Before Cruz caught up to Trump in the polls, the two shared what some would call a political “bromance.”  So much so that talk of them running on the same ticket was excitedly bantered about in conservative circles.

And before Trump decided to run for president, the current GOP-front-runner seemed to have nothing but glowing words for Cruz – and BizPac Review was there to catch it.

“One of the reasons I like Ted Cruz so much is that he’s not controversial,” Trump said at his Mar-A-Lago estate as he introduced Cruz.

His opening statement got a laugh from the crowd, until Trump explained the reasons why Cruz “shouldn’t be controversial.”

“What he’s doing is right, he took a stand,” Trump said, referring to Cruz’s 20-hour long anti-Obamacare filibuster on the Senate floor.

Trump went on to explain how wrong it was that the Republican party was harder on Cruz than on the Democrats.

“If [Republicans] hit the Democrats that hard, it’d be a lot easier in life,” he continued.

Trump called Cruz’s filibuster “common sense, it’s good government, it’s so many good things.” He repeatedly called Cruz “a special guy.”

Relaying Cruz’s impressive past that helped to launch the Texas senator into his current position of power, Trump made no mention of Cruz’s foreign birthplace at the time.

But, then again, that was then.

Take a look at Trump’s February 2014 introduction of Cruz below.


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