Chris Wallace to White House chief of staff: What happened to the Constitution?

White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough joined host Chris Wallace on the set of “Fox News Sunday” and found himself being grilled over his boss ignoring the U.S. Constitution.

Noting that President Barack Obama consistently bypasses Congress with executive orders, as seen in last week’s announced gun control measures, Wallace asked McDonough about the legislative branch of government being tasked with creating laws.

“Mr. McDonough, whatever happened to Article I of the Constitution, which says, ‘All legislative powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States?'” he asked.

Fox News displayed graphics showing executive actions taken over the last 14 months.



Dodging the question, McDonough said Obama is “proud” of all the things he has accomplished on his own, prompting Wallace to press further, saying the president “didn’t do what the Constitution says, which is observe Article I.”

Displaying the chutzpah the White House is well-known for, McDonough justified the actions by saying Congress “had an opportunity…if they wanted to exercise under their Article I powers…and they decided they didn’t.”

“The Constitution doesn’t say ‘All legislative powers are vested in the Congress unless they don’t act, in which case the president can do whatever he wants,'” Wallace countered.

Pointing to Obama’s executive action on gun control, McDonough put a heavy spin on reality by claiming it was only to better clarify and enforce existing laws.

He followed that up with the liberal standard that it’s all for the better good.

“I think this is not a constitutional question,” McDonough said. “This is a question of protecting the American people, 30,000 of whom last year died from gun violence. That’s too many.”

The discussion then moved on to the closing of Guantanamo Bay, which is widely expected to be a future Obama executive action.

Tom Tillison


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