Whitesboro, NY voting on whether to change ‘offensive’ town seal that dates back to 1900

Another salvo is about to be fired in the battle against traditional America.

However, the aggrieved in the village of Whitesboro, New York, may have some grounds to complain, which would be a rare exception.

The tiny village, population 3735 as of 2013, plans to hold a referendum on whether to change the town seal, which depicts a white settler seemingly choking an Indian, according to the New York Post.

An online petition — which are easily manipulated —  said the seal was disrespectful to Native Americans and called for it to be changed.

According to Whitesboro’s website, the emblem dates back to the early 1900s and actually represents a friendly wrestling match between village founder Hugh White and “an Oneida Indian of rather athletic form” — White won the match, which helped establish goodwill with the Oneidas.

Unfortunately, in the political correct age of Obama, perception is reality, especially when it’s consistent with the left’s narrative.

The vote is set for Monday evening and the odds are not in the emblem’s favor.

Tom Tillison


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