Trump RILES Liberals when protester is tossed into cold; ‘confiscate his coat!’

Hecklers have become an expected element at Donald Trump rallies, and the latest event in Vermont Thursday was no exception.

Despite reports that attendees at the Burlington venue were pre-screened to ensure they were Trump supporters, some protesters were able to get in to the rally and interrupted the Republican front-runner several times.

“I thought I heard a little voice over there,” Trump said as he scanned the back of the auditorium.

As the hecklers were quickly escorted out of the building, presumably leaving behind personal belongings like coats, Trump directed, “Get him outta there! Don’t give him his coat.”

“Keep his coat. Confiscate his coat,” Trump said, as the crowd cheered.  “You know it’s about ten degrees below zero outside. No, you can keep his coat. Tell him we’ll send it to him in a couple of weeks.”

Social media reactions were mixed, with some horrified that the real estate mogul could be so callous, while others cheered his sense of humor.

Some Twitter users pointed out the obvious.


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Frieda Powers


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