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Video: Naked ‘Peeping Tom’ wearing only a Ronald Reagan mask peeks in on reality star

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In a disturbing story of a peeping Tom at the home of a reality TV star, it may be difficult to pick out what is stranger: the fact that the perpetrator was naked, that he was wearing a Ronald Reagan mask or that he returned to the home later to confess.

Surveillance video from the home of Bravo reality star Danielle Yancey showed the unidentified man on the actress’ back porch on New Year’s Eve. Yancey described the man as wearing a Reagan mask, according to Fox News.

The man opened the gate and entered the porch, but Yancey’s husband happened to catch a glimpse of the intruder and scared him off. A camera caught the images and Yancey shared the surveillance footage on her Facebook page to alert neighbors. The “Jersey Belle” star said she worried what might have happened if her husband had not spotted the man, reported Fox.

In an unusual twist, the peeping Tom returned to the Yancey home to confess that he had been pulling a prank with a group of friends. No indication in the report if the man was clothed and unmasked when he returned to apologize.

Watch the video report, below.


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