Ted Cruz sketches Day 1 in office; a ‘padlock’ for the IRS is only the beginning

SOURCE: Twitter

Sen. Ted Cruz, the firebrand Texas Republican, mixed humor and scathing commentary to hammer President Barack Obama’s executive actions  at the Koch brothers-sponsored Americans for Prosperity summit Saturday in Columbus, Ohio.

He made it clear he would rescind every one of Obama’s executive orders and actions — starting with his first day in the Oval Office.

Remarking on the president’s “I’ve got a pen and I’ve got a phone,” statement, Cruz said “When you live by the pen, you die by the pen. And my pen has got an eraser!”

The Associated Press reported:

The event is significant because it’s an opportunity for presidential candidates to impress the conservative group, which spent more than $30 million in advertising against Obama’s re-election in 2012 and has activists, donors and organizers in 36 states and an operating budget for 2016 of roughly $125 million.


Cruz also promised to order the Justice Department to investigate Planned Parenthood, “repeal every word of Obamacare,” and “rip to shreds this catastrophic Iranian nuclear deal.”

At about the 11:45 mark into his address, Cruz took on the Internal Revenue Service.

“We need to padlock that building!” he said, and quipped that he would order its employees to stand guard on the southern border.

“Imagine you had traveled thousands of miles in the blazing sun,” he told the gathering. “You’re swimming across the Rio Grande. And the first thing you see is 90,000 IRS agents. You’d turn around and go home, too!”

Watch his full address.


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