Terrifying GoPro footage of motorcyclist slamming head-on into fire truck at high speed

A motorcyclist survived a head-on crash at high speed into a fire truck near Bloomington, California, and dramatic footage of the accident was captured on his GoPro camera.

The clip was posted originally by KABC-TV News in Los Angeles and later picked up by Fox News and aired on “Fox & Friends” on Friday.

KABC-TV reported:

A motorcycle ride came to a dramatic end when the cyclist crashed head-on into a Los Angeles County Fire Department truck on a mountain road in the Angeles National Forest.

GoPro video shows 24-year-old Jesse Lopez racing up Glendora Ridge Road on April 1 with another biker, when he came to a blind curve and crashed into the firetruck. His GoPro camera went flying off his helmet and captured him lying on the ground as it flew in the air.

“Especially head-on, you don’t think many people would survive that. Guess he’s lucky to be alive,” his friend Angelo Guerrero said.

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Lopez told the station that the video seemed so unreal that watching it was like watching someone else.

“When I saw what happened, I got shocked. I was like, ‘Whoa!'” he said.

He added that he hopes all bikers view the clip, in hopes of saving lives.

“Be aware. Be more cautious when riding. Don’t do what I did,” Lopez said.


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