Beheaded journalist’s parents say their son’s life wasn’t Obama’s ‘priority’ — maybe golfing was?

The parents of the first American hostage killed at the hands of Islamic State jihadists told Fox News anchor Gregg Jarrett on “America’s Newsroom” that they felt the Obama administration could have done more to save their son, but he didn’t appear to be a priority.

In fact, a round of golf might have been a higher priority. Immediately after he announced Foley’s murder to the nation, Obama hit the links on his Martha’s Vineyard vacation. He later admitted it was probably a bad idea — this administration has a reputation for giving bad optics — but he didn’t regret the decision.

At the beginning of his interview with Foley’s parents, Jarrett remarked that earlier in the week, Fox News chief intelligence correspondent Catherine Herridge reported that the administration waited until July 3 to gibe the go-ahead to rescue the American hostages, although it knew “down to the precise building” their location months before.

Some observers have remarked that the reason for the administration’s delay was to give Obama the opportunity for an Independence Day “football spike” had the raid been successful.

“Communication was really poor,” Foley’s mother, Diane Foley said. “The government really wasn’t telling us anything.”

She remarked that she got more information from the French hostages who were released in March of 2014 than from administration officials.

“We didn’t feel Jim was a priority, even though we were told that from the very beginning that he was and just to trust that everything was being done. But we don’t have very much evidence of that… No one seemed to be accountable for these four Americans who were captive together. No one could give us answers.”

Jarrett asked whether they felt “frustrated, disappointed, angry.” Diane Foley didn’t answer directly.

“Jim was very hopeful and confident that our government would find a way,” she said. “We don’t want Jim to have died in vain.”

Foley’s father did express gratitude to the troops who made the attempt to rescue their son.

“I just want to make it very clear that we were very grateful for those soldiers who participated in the raid,” John Foley told Jarrett.

“Because obviously it was very dangerous on their part and we’re grateful for that. Again, I think it was late in the game and the results speak for itself.”


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