Collegiate football star nixes NFL to become Navy SEAL

Alex Amidon
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A college football standout announced earlier this week that he would skip the NFL and sign up for the U.S. Navy — with hopes of becoming a SEAL.

Boston College’s star wide receiver, Alex Amidon, ended his collegiate career this year, after breaking the school’s record for most receiving yards in a single season and most receiving yards in a career. He finished 11th nationally in 2012 with 78 receptions for 1,210 yards, according to

Amidon confirmed his decision to forgo a professional football career at the school’s Gridiron Club meeting Wednesday.

BC Interruption, the school’s newspaper, reported:

This comes as sort of a shock because the 2012 All-ACC wide receiver most likely would have found a home in the NFL. However by pursuing this career Amidon is showing what kind of character he really has. United States Navy SEALs, just like all others in the military, are willing to give the ultimate sacrifice to protect the United State of America. The fact that Amidon is willing to give everything he has is truly awe-inspiring. Through making this decision, Amidon is truly showing that he is a man for others, and cares so deeply about his community and country.

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Amidon, who will graduate in June with an English degree, hails from Greenfield, Mass., and seems to take success in stride.

“I never really gave the records much thought during the season and I still haven’t,” he told the Springfield Republican. “Perhaps a little further down the line, I’ll reflect on them and what it all means, but I’m not at that point yet.”

Given the SEALs motto — “Ready to Lead, Ready to Follow, Never Quit” — Amidon should be right at home there.


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