Libs jump all over Justice Thomas for saying race shouldn’t matter; Promptly called ‘Uncle Tom’

The left pounced on U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas immediately after he observed that the country was becoming far too race conscious. While one disturbed lawmaker criticized his interracial marriage and called him an “Uncle Tom,” others didn’t seem to have a clue what the justice was saying.

Addressing an audience Tuesday at Palm Beach Atlantic University, the court’s only sitting African American justice made an observation that’s becoming increasingly common among conservatives of color: That he was treated better in the pre-civil rights era South than he is today by politically-correct elitist liberals.

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An Alabama state representative remarked the same day Thomas made his comments that he didn’t much care for the justice. This came during a debate on a bill having nothing to do with race. The Decatur Daily’s Mary Sell tweeted:

The Anniston Star’s capitol and statewide reporter Tim Lockette confirmed Sell’s report with this:

I can’t help but wonder if Holmes feels the same way about New York’s new mayor, who’s also committed to an interracial marriage.

When the lawmaker left the House floor, he claimed both reporters had “misinterpreted” his remarks. Burt Holmes, who’s also black, wasn’t finished. He managed to find a racial slur to sling in Thomas’ direction.

So how did Thomas’ name even come up during Holmes remarks?

But wait — is that true? Well, no:

All of which proved Thomas’ point: He’s poorly treated, even to the point of of being lied about, by politically correct, liberal elitists.

A CNN panel on Wednesday also took issue with Thomas’ comments, and excoriated him for, in essence, following the teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. by attempting to remove race as an issue.

Race, in the “@ This Hour” panel’s view, should be at the forefront of public consciousness.

Watch the exchange via CNN:

When conservatives disagree with the nation’s first black president, they’re often labeled as racists. But when liberals disagree with the nation’s only black Supreme Court justice, all at once it’s the justice who’s the racist.

I find it difficult to follow this line of reasoning.


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