Manning brothers’ hysterical football rap video goes viral in hours

The rapping dynamic duo– oh yes, they rap – Peyton and Eli Manning are burning up the internet Wednesday morning after a new commercial spotlights the royal family of football jamming about “Football on Your Phone.”

Even Daddy-O Archie Manning has a cameo in the video that got over a million views on YouTube in a matter of hours.

Dressed in freakishly vintage 1980’s clothing and wigs, the Manning brothers move and groove through the streets of New Orleans promoting DirecTV’s new service for NFL Sunday Ticket super fans –  #FootballOnYourPhone.

A sampling of the lyrics:

Look at this guy using his phone as a phone

Your phone ain’t for calling

Your phone’s for football-ing!

While the boys should definitely stick with their day jobs quarterbacking for the NFL, there’s no doubt this video will make you smile and get you ready for some football!

Watch for yourselves:

Janeen Capizola

"And though she be but little, she is fierce." And fun! This conservative-minded political junkie, mom of three, dancer and one-time NFL cheerleader holds a bachelor of arts degree in political science. [email protected] Twitter: @JaneenBPR


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