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The joke that may have lost John Kerry all his friends at CNN

king kerry
Photos: John King via CNN, John Kerry via Rush Limbaugh

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Secretary of State John Kerry probably doesn’t have many friends left at CNN after the jab he delivered to the network at Saturday’s prestigious Gridiron Club dinner.

Although jokes and satire are a long-standing tradition at the annual dinner of “Washington’s most prestigious press group,” Kerry’s response to a question from CNN’s John King, though absolutely the truth, probably fell flat with the powers that be at CNN.

According to Dylan Byers from Politico:

During a humorous and well-received speech, Kerry, the evening’s headliner, said that CNN’s John King had asked if the former Massachusetts Senator was considering another presidential bid in 2016.

Kerry’s response: “I am out of politics — and based on the ratings, so is CNN.”

Ouch. And though rare to hear from it Kerry, the truth hurts.


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