Obama insults Dominicans, gay ambassador not welcome

For someone who claimed George W. Bush offended other countries and their leaders, Barack Obama sure likes offending other countries and their leaders, especially in matters concerning religious freedom. He just did it again — this time to the Dominican Republic with his choice of ambassador to that country.


James “Wally” Brewster, Obama’s choice for ambassador to the Dominican Republic

While in a trip to Northern Ireland during the G8 summit, Obama said that religious schools were offensive, a remark that the United Kingdom’s religious leaders found offensive.

During his African vacation, he couldn’t help butting into Kenya’s politics, and remarked that Kenya should support gay marriage. That country’s deputy president shot back that Kenya was a “God fearing” nation and would have none of it.

In this latest instance, it wasn’t something Obama said so much what he did. He appointed an openly gay man, James “Wally” Brewster, as U.S. ambassador to that very conservative and mostly-Catholic country, prompting a bishop to announce, “he is going to suffer and will have to leave,” according to CNS News.

CNS reported:

On Monday, Catholic, evangelical, and other opponents in the Dominican Republic organized and took part in what were billed as “Black Monday” protests, whereby participants donned black clothing and set black decorations on cars and buildings to protest the nomination of Brewster, who is a long-time homosexual activist and fundraiser for the Democratic Party and President Obama.


Cardinal Nicolas de Jesus Lopez Rodriguez

Cardinal Nicolas de Jesus Lopez Rodriguez, the archbishop of Santo Domingo, wrote in the Dominican newspaper La Opinion, “they have to know there are many people in the world who are against that, both in Christian and non-Christian governments.”

Hitting the nail squarely on the head, the cardinal added, “Ask the Muslim world what they think about that, in addition to Christians and Evangelicals.”

CNS reported that “Brewster is a senior managing partner for the Chicago-based marketing firm SB&K Global.”

So what qualifies Brewster, a Chicago businessman, for a plum assignment on an island in the middle of the azure-blue waters of the Caribbean? He raised over $500,000 for Obama’s re-election campaign, according to CNN. This proves once again that paybacks can be hell — especially political paybacks.


11 thoughts on “Obama insults Dominicans, gay ambassador not welcome

  1. bobby1122 says:

    Do you think it was a factor in Chris stevens in Benghazi>?

    1. guest says:

      It absolutely was… big time

  2. RayComfort says:

    Find a new assignment…..that dog doesn't hunt!

  3. Janie says:

    One of these days…..

  4. sophiedogmom says:

    Yes, I do. That was the first thing I said. Chris Stevens was a blonde, blue-eyed, gay American. He was a prime target. So stupid to put him in that position even if he was very good at his job. Why do we have Women Secretary of State? The countries who cause the most trouble are Muslim who have no respect for women. How this is beneficial when trying to deal with them escapes me.

    1. Diogenes says:

      Right on point, sophiedogmom. Rember it was a blunder by a woman in Iraq who indicated we would not object to Hussein (theirs, not ours) invading Kuwait.

  5. Pedro Santana says:

    President of the Dominican Republic Danilo Medina and Dominican government in general DID NOT found offensive Mr. Brewster nomination, in fact they already have said he will be welcome. Homosexuality is not illegal in the DR and we have precisely freedom of religion. As a Dominican, i feel the article is a bit off.

    The only ones upset by an openly gay man in a position of power here in the D.R (and almost everywhere else) are the religious groups. The cardinal mentioned in the article even referred to US designated ambassador in local press as a "maricon", which in english is equivalent to derogatory "f—-t", totally contradicting the doctrine of loving your neighbor with hatred christianity preaches.

    1. Cy this says:

      Good points. Thank you

  6. Doug Hanks says:

    Obama was only there to get steroids and growth hormone.

  7. Mo Better says:

    Whatever goes on in the demented mind of Bathhouse Barry Soetoro, whatever festers in that Commie skull-full-of-mush, you can be assured it is of no benefit to the United States of America. This arrogant, narcissistic megalomaniacal Stealth-Muslime has no regard for anyone other than himself. He sees himself as superior, and believes that once he utters the words they become the reality for everyone. This maggot insults people, leaders and countries around the world with great regularity. It is amazing that no one has yet moved to extinguish his light….

  8. Louis Murphy says:

    Well! at least now Obama knows not all Latinos will go along with his gay policies even if the new ambassador pay for his postion.

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