IRS abruptly cancels order for spying equipment

The Internal Revenue Service cancelled a rush order for spy equipment it had placed on the Internet, prompting observers to ask not only was the order placed, but why was it so abruptly cancelled.


A lot more fun than a spy camera.

The request for bids was announced on June 6, and included cameras concealed within coffee tray tables, clock radios and plants, as well as remote recording equipment. Bids closed four days later, on Monday the 10th.

Then, just as abruptly, the agency cancelled its order on Wednesday the 12th at 11:49 a.m. according to CNS News.

The initial bid request noted that The Internal Revenue Service intends to award a Purchase Order to an undisclosed Corporation.

CNS’s Elizabeth Harrington noted that:

The original purchase order said that IRS already had an “Undisclosed Corporation” that could provide the items and that any would-be competitor would need to demonstrate that it, too, could furnish the type of equipment the IRS was seeking. The order said its descriptions of the items the IRS wanted to buy was “vague due to the use and nature of the items.”

Prior to this purchase order, the agency had been embroiled in a number of scandals, beginning with the discovery that it had targeted conservative organizations seeking tax-exempt status. What began with a few Ohio agents mushroomed to 88 agents and has touched senior IRS officials in Washington.

Then there were the lavish agency conferences, including a $1.499 a night room for IRS commissioner Faris Fink. They featured idiotic “Star Wars,” “Gilligan’s Island” and instructional dance routines, all performed by IRS personnel.

Soon congressional testimony brought out the fact that the IRS had published lists of donors to conservative causes.

Most recently, IRS agents were observed training on AR-15 assault rifles at a Department of Homeland Security facility.

Observers have speculated that the IRS cancelled its bid request for the spy equipment because they either decided to go with its “Undisclosed Corporation” or the publicity of the bid made them back off, especially in light of all its other scandal.

I keep going back to those agents with the assault rifles, though. I’m thinking when you have AR-15s, you don;t need no stinking spy cameras.

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2 thoughts on “IRS abruptly cancels order for spying equipment

  1. Kenneth Clark says:

    There should not be any labor union representation at all for any government employee for any reason what so ever. All unions should be completely removed from government 100%.

    Furthermorethe IRS in its entirety should be abolished and no employees from the positions of supervisor up to top management should be allowed to "transfer" to any other government position.

    Those who are found to be even remotely involved in any of the misdeeds and criminal behavior, which I believe we have seen only 1% of or less, should be imprisoned and required to pay back every single dime ever payed to them while employed by or served as contractor to the federal government.

    A flat tax should be instituted and enforced across the board in regard to all income produced by individuals as well as corporations and businesses of all types and sizes. No member of the government would be immune to paying their fair share and could under no circumstances be exempt from the tax or social security.

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