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Florida Five: Appeal court won’t unblock gay marriage, Redistricting group asks for new election dates


Florida Five: Hillary Clinton responds to Rubio jab, Gay marriage battle likely to go to Supremes

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NY governor picks a fight with Florida; CFO defends Sunshine State against false ad campaign


Florida Five: State attorneys slam Crist on revising gun laws, Immediate remedy in redistricting case

Five of today’s top Florida political stories at your fingertips: Five state attorneys attack Charlie Crist's comments on revising gun laws: A group of five state attorneys criticized former Gov. Charlie Crist over comments he made last week saying Florida's 10-20-Life laws needed to be … Read More

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Florida Five: Surge of alien minors felt in Miami, Crist under pressure to name running mate

Five of today’s top Florida political stories at your fingertips: Crist under pressure to name running mate: Who will be his No. 2? If Crist wins the primary on Aug. 26 as is expected, he will have just nine days to designate a lieutenant governor as his running mate. That gives him less than two … Read More

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Police cutbacks mean citizens pay twice for protection

Before the days of government budget cutbacks, paying your taxes helped you get a good night’s sleep. Not anymore. If you want police protection in Florida, you’re going to have to pay extra for it, apparently. That’s because widespread budget trimming has left some areas of the state … Read More

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Florida Five: Judge invalidates congressional districts, Discrimination against pro-life job applicant

Five of today’s top Florida political stories at your fingertips: Judge invalidates Florida's congressional districts, appeal is likely: A circuit court judge threw out Florida's congressional redistricting map Thursday ruling that the Florida Legislature allowed for a "secret, organized … Read More

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Federally funded health center may be refusing job applicants with pro-life views

Sara Hellwege lost a chance for a job at the Tampa Family Health Centers because of her pro-life religious beliefs, a U.S. District Court lawsuit alleges. Federal law prohibits taxpayer-funded health-care facilities from requiring health professionals to prescribe so-called abortifacient forms of … Read More


Florida Five: NRA loves Gov. Scott’s single-term high of 12 pro-gun laws, Another ethics complaint on Crist

Five of today’s top Florida political stories at your fingertips: Rick Scott enacted single-term high of 12 pro-gun laws: Gov. Rick Scott appears nearly bulletproof right now in the eyes of the National Rifle Association. That assessment of Scott comes as the NRA notes that more pro-gun bills … Read More


Florida Five: Obama-Crist bromance in trouble, Sheriffs back Rick Scott

Five of today’s top Florida political stories at your fingertips: Forty sheriffs, five of them Democrats, endorse Scott: Gov. Rick Scott's campaign announced endorsements Tuesday from 40 sheriffs, including four from Tampa Bay. The list included five Democratic sheriffs: Susan Benton of … Read More

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Former sheriff’s hard drive destroyed with hammer

The way it’s going, government hard drives might be the next protected class under federal law. U.S. Internal Revenue Service hard drives containing two years of emails from and to Lois Lerner, the senior tax official at the heart of the alleged political targeting of conservative nonprofits, … Read More

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Florida Five: Crist hits airwaves but Scott’s team hits back, State rewarded to waste food stamp funds

Five of today’s top Florida political stories at your fingertips: Benjamin Netanyahu meets with Florida Congresspersons: A congresswoman and congressman from Florida met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu last week, weighing in on the recent murders of three Israeli teens and other … Read More

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Florida rewarded with $7 million from feds for wasting $47 million in food stamp funds

Florida once again is getting a hefty bonus from the feds “saving” taxpayer’s money. This year, the state’s Department of Children and Families managed to misspent only $47,829,887 in food stamp benefits. That’s out of almost $6 billion the state received from the federal … Read More

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Gov. Scott to VA Secretary nominee: Allow Florida inspectors into your facilities

Governor Rick Scott sent a letter to the nominee for U.S. Secretary of Veterans Affairs, requesting Florida Agency for Health Care Administration Inspectors be allowed into Florida VA facilities. Scott asked Bob McDonald to demand transparency of the Veterans Administration and to force a stop … Read More


Video: Two brazen women busted stealing on beach July 4th attack guy with camera

The fireworks started a little early Friday in New Smyrna Beach, Fla.. These ladies (using the term loosely) were bold enough to steal a family’s canopy and beach gear on the Fourth of July. According to the video, the guy who actually owned the stuff walked up and busted them. Approaching … Read More

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Florida Five: Crist’s name removed from race car, No-party surge, fraud reshape Fla. politics

Five of today’s top Florida political stories at your fingertips: Charlie Crist's name removed from car racing at Daytona: Decals bearing the name of Democratic gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist have been removed from a car competing in the Coke Zero 400 after Florida Republican officials … Read More