Giuliani: ‘You’d have to be almost stupid’ not to see that Hillary Clinton broke the law

Rudy Giuliani says ya gotta be a moron not to see that Hillary Clinton is a criminal.

The former federal prosecutor and ex-mayor of New York City said the evidence that Clinton and her aides intentionally broke the law when they mass-deleted 33,000 emails is overwhelming.

“There’s no question anymore as to whether or not Hillary Clinton, [Huma] Abedin, and [John] Podesta violated the law,” Giuliani told Fox News anchor Sean Hannity.  “You’d have to be almost stupid not to realize it.”

Giuliani, who said that he prosecuted and jailed thousands of people for doing a fraction of what Hillary Clinton did, said the Wikileaks emails prove the Clinton camp intended to break the law.

On March 2, 2015, Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta told Clinton attorney Cheryl Mills to “dump all those emails” after the New York Times reported that Clinton had used a private, unsecured server to conduct classified State Department business during her four-year stint as Secretary of State.
john-podesta-dump-emails-bret-baierThe response of the Clinton team to delete 33,000 emails and BleachBit her server proves criminal intent, Giuliani said.

“The thing that is more shocking is the tremendous cover-up that took place here,” he said.

“[The Clinton camp responds by saying] ‘Let’s see if we can dump the emails’ rather than, ‘We have nothing to lose,’ and just put them all out there because we didn’t do anything wrong.”

podesta-25Clinton’s poll numbers have tanked since the FBI reopened its criminal investigation into her private server last Friday.

A new ABC News poll shows the latest FBI probe has eroded Clinton’s poll numbers. Thirty-four percent of likely voters now say they are “less likely” to vote for her.

The damage to Clinton has gotten so bad that Democratic pollster Pat Caddell is now predicting a Trump landslide. “This dam is about to break [on Hillary],” Caddell said.

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