Uncut McCain: ‘We would be directly responsible’ for Syrian massacre

Veteran Senator John McCain puts the blame squarely on the U.S. and the rest of the world for allowing President Bashar Assad to wield chemical weapons that could be used to murder his own people in mass numbers.

In a candid conversation with Greta Van Susteren, McCain said that while Russia could help, he has seen no signs that they are willing to do so.

“The Russians have not only not been neutral, they haven’t been very helpful,” said McCain.

“Will the world have blood on their hands if he [Assad] unleashes these chemical weapons,” asked Van Susteren.

McCain said “we would be directly responsible” because “we didn’t intervene” early on.



  • Betty J Wilson

    This would be a tragedy for all of us. I'm praying and crying for the Syrians people. Just think, what if it was us and no one would stand up and help.

  • laurie

    From what I heard the US has been upping the ante already by funneling weapons to the Syrian rebels….That was the reason for the Benghazi coverup…and perhaps why Ambassador Chris Stevens was killed. So, yes, it really is the Obama administration's fault for underminding the Syrian administration. The Syrian administration feels backed into a corner and are not going down without a fight.

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