Ambassador Rice angers GOP Senators, again

121114_mccain_rice_605_ap-600x328Will someone with um, a backbone, please stand up and identify yourself in Congress? What must it take for GOP congressional leaders to start holding cabinet members in this Administration accountable for their actions?

Multiple news sources this week used words like “softened” and “conciliatory” when discussing the tone taken by GOP Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham on the actions of United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice in Benghazi.

Tuesday morning, Susan Rice met with 3 key GOP Senators to discuss the terrorist attack on our US Consulate in Benghazi that she insisted on five Sunday talk shows was a spontaneous outbreak during a protest over a video. It appeared, to me at least, these Senators were rolling over and attempting to play nice with her recognizing, perhaps, Amb. Rice was most likely going to be President Obama’s first choice to replace Sec. Clinton.

However, Politico reported that Sen. McCain, Sen. Graham, and Sen. Ayotte came out of the meeting with Rice “’significantly troubled’ by Rice’s explanation of the attacks.”

Well, hello Senators. We, the people, have been troubled by her explanation of how 4 American diplomats were murdered for weeks!

According to Politico, Lindsey Graham told reporters:

The concerns I have are greater today than they were before, and we’re not even close to getting the basic answers. I would place a hold on anybody who wanted to be promoted for any job who had a role in the Benghazi situation.

If you don’t know what happened, just say you don’t know what happened. The American people got bad information on 16 September. They got bad information from President Obama, and the question is should they have been giving the information at all?

Amb. Rice, ever the diplomat, released a statement after the meeting. She said, “Neither I nor anyone else in the administration intended to mislead the American people at any stage in this process, and the administration updated Congress and the American people as our assessments evolved.”

Not. Good. Enough. This rote answer she continues to give is not a good enough explanation from a woman who may become our Sec. of State. We demand answers. We demand justice for Ambassador Stevens and his colleagues. We demand our Congressional leaders get, and KEEP, a backbone when standing up to the shenanigans of this Administration. And we demand they fight the nomination of liars to cabinet positions.


Watch the Senators’ Tuesday press conference after meeting with Susan Rice:


Janeen Capizola

"And though she be but little, she is fierce." And fun! This conservative-minded political junkie, mom of three, dancer and one-time NFL cheerleader holds a bachelor of arts degree in political science. [email protected] Twitter: @JaneenBPR


  • Rich

    How can any of these so called representatives take a paycheck from us and look themselves in the mirror ? Haven't they been feeding off the trough long enough? In the real world you get fired for a 10% approval rating. Maybe we would be better off paying them the stay home? They would do less damage.

  • Jan

    HOW many times can this administration get away with 'WE didn't mean it"? We didn't mean to mislead about, Obamacare, shovel ready projects, Benghazi? Answer: FOREVER because we have THE most USELESS media coverage from the networks and THE most USELESS Presidential press core in American History!

  • Ron Jackson

    Everyone in the Obama Administration who was remotely connected to Benghazi concocted these lies to mislead the American people from the Beginning of this execution of Ambassador Stephens and 3 others, I firmly believe that Ambassador Stephens was sent to Benghazi to be killed by Barrack Hussein Obama . I always have and I always will.

  • Isabella, Tampa FL

    If it isn't bad enough enter the leftist blog Politico wondering why the American people should have been told anything at all!

    You GD f**ks.

  • bobby NannaMaria

    What is wrong with these black people getting up in front of either 5 TV talk shows and telling lies, or that black dude Powell and telling BS about weapons of mass destruction in front of the United Nations and Obama doing the same damn thing?

    I was around when Nixon got up in front of all Americans and said

    I am not a crook. I also remember when Clinton got up and said.he did not have sex with that chick..then the blue dress appeared. Opps.

    We dont believe a word now Mr. Obama….come clean and lets move forward.

    • Rich

      You left out the Iran Contra Affair where Reagan admitted he traded arms for hostages. I believe the people of our country have an obligation to police their elected officials and scrutinize every move they make. Very few of our officials try to do the right thing but they are outnumbered by the bad ones and get disillusioned with the way the system works. Others have a blatant disregard for their responsibilities and live by an immoral code of conduct. In the end when all is said and done we are the responsible parties because we elected them.

  • The Sage

    I am so sick of the entire Washington crowd. How can the voters continue to elect these good for nothing liars, cheats, and do nothings? Very few, if any, of them have a backbone and will stand up and do what they were elected to do. I am becoming more convienced that nothing short of a revolution is going to change anything. They have absolutely no concern for the constitution, the general population, our needs, desires, and concerns. If you aren't disillusioned by now, you just might be a liberal or you have consumed too much of the Obama kool aid….wait, those two are the same.

  • Rich

    Good synopsis. We are running out of time. In my opinion blaming one party lets the other one off the hook. If Americans want favorable results they have to go after both parties. No one gets off the hook.

  • Bob

    Lets see, what could make someone make an about face, suddenly say, well maybe we should take a second look—you know be compromised ? Ask some of our RepUblican congressman, or senators. The enemies of our country look for things that will compromise legislators.

  • seazen

    We demand! Rah! Rah! Rah! How dare this woman and the Administration continue to offer an intelligent and factual explanation of the chaos that surrounded the situation in Benghazi? We have been attacking anything and everything that is associated with Obama for more than four years already and you would think that they would just meet our calm, reasonable, noble and patriotic accusations of conspiracies, coverups and their attempt to institute Sharia law in the US! And there are at least 22 people here who will echo our really cute cheerleaders.

  • Linda Hoskinson

    What was Benghazi About? Arming The Terrorist? Back It Up. Rice, Clinton and Obama Involving The US in The Overthrow of Mubarek's Egypt? A Arab Spring. Oops Arab Winter. Destroying Israel? McCain and Graham Are Wasting We The Peoples Time. They Are Trying to Make A Case That Rice Would Somehow make a Good Sec. of State. Rice is a Bad Liar and Dangerous. They Will Never Get To Obama. Another Obama Distraction. The LameStream Media Will Not Allow An Obama Outing.

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