Culture War

In America today, the culture war rages on, but amidst left-wing advances and conservative retreats, morale is at an all-time low. Spirits are so dismayed, on multiple fronts Republicans are simply choosing not to fight for truth and morality. But not all are giving up, with some notable defenders fighting hard in the states. Enter The Federalist’s Christopher Bedford. A loyal voice for truth, tradition, morality and our country, Chris offers a weekly defense of the things we hold dear, arguing culture is worth fighting for and working out ways to do just that. While many wave the white flag and agree “to go along to get along,” Chris and his guests offer captivating discussion, diverse insight, and hope for those who believe in our way of life. Take up the arms of a free mind and a love of country and join us in the battle that will decide our republic — and if we shall keep it after all.