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NY detectives demand Amazon immediately stop hawking hateful and ‘disgusting’ anti-police merch

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One year after being hit for allowing anti-police merchandise proclaiming “Blue Lives Murder” to be sold on its platform, Amazon is still offering the offensive products.

And this has captured the attention of the Detectives’ Endowment Association, which represents active and retired New York Police Department Detectives. The DEA sent a  letter last week to Chief Financial Officer Brian Olsavsky demanding that Amazon stop selling the “disgusting” items, claiming the e-tailer giant is putting cops “at peril and risk.”

“It has come to my attention that your website is selling tee-shirts (sic) and other items emblazoned with the words ‘Blue Lives Murder,’” the letter reads, according to the New York Post. “It’s disheartening that your company would allow this disgusting motto on your sales platform.”

What’s even more disheartening is that the detectives’ union appealed to Amazon one year ago, almost to the day, to not sell similar merchandise.

The tweet posted during the height of the riots over the death of George Floyd tagged Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos and said that by “selling this disgusting product, it causes division instead of the unity we all need.”

Apparently, Bezos wasn’t too impressed with the law enforcement union’s appeal or with claims that it violated Amazon policy.

As BizPac Review reported the same day as the tweet above, the products appear to violate the company’s policy prohibiting “offensive and controversial materials” from being sold.

Merchandise available as of this writing includes “Blue Lives Murder” T-shirts and face masks, as seen below:

The Post reported on Sunday that merchandise with the message “Blue Lives Aren’t Real” was also being offered, linking to the products.

Today, that link returns the message: Sorry, we couldn’t find that page.” A search for the term turns up no products bearing the message, which is to suggest that Amazon conducted some type of review — and opted to continue making “Blue Lives Murder” products available.

On that note, “Blue Lives Matter” merchandise is also available.

NAACP chapter president Bishop Talbert Swan tweeted in April that “there’s no such thing as BLUE LIVES…”

The DEA demanded that Amazon “immediately” take down the items, saying the only purpose for the offensive phrase “is to invite further division, hatred and violence toward the hard-working men and women of the nation’s Police Departments, who are toiling every day to keep their communities safe.”

The letter added, “To continue to hawk products emblazoned with this vile phrase puts the lives of Police Officers, and all law enforcement nationwide, at peril and risk.”

Detectives in the Big Apple are not pleased with Amazon.

“Amazon is perpetrating anti-police rhetoric,” a Staten Island detective told The Post. “It is totally inaccurate. They should sell shirts that say, ‘Blue Lives Save Lives.’”

“They are hypocrites. They say they don’t sell items that incite hatred,” a Brooklyn detective told the paper. “I can’t think of an item that incites hatred more than these sweatshirts.”

Tom Tillison


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