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Parody account’s ‘4-fecta of wokeness’ nails the left’s baffling race rules in one perfect tweet

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Life is getting real complicated these days, where social justice reigns supreme in a woke society that has advanced beyond gender.

In a time where the color of one’s skin accounts for everything, the Twitter parody account Titania McGrath weighed in with a public service announcement to help weary and uninformed white folks traverse the unforgiving landscape.

And while it was definitely offered in good fun, you would be excused if you thought otherwise.

The tweet included captions of tweets from social justice warriors stating that a white man married to a non-white woman “can sometimes be a sign of racism,” and that refusing to date someone from another race is also racism.

“UPDATE FOR WHITE PEOPLE ⚠️ Attraction to black people is racist. Attraction to mixed race people is fetishising their proximity to whiteness. Marrying a black person is minority sex slavery. BUT only sleeping with other whites is sexual racism. This really isn’t difficult,” the tweet read.

The parody account was created and run by comedian Andrew Doyle, who’s also a Spike columnist.

The account responded last week to the barbs directed at Prince Phillips after the death of Queen Elizabeth’s husband and consort was announced by Buckingham Palace.

“When a famous straight white male dies, if your first instinct isn’t to get on Twitter to gloat and trash his reputation then you clearly have no idea what it takes to be a progressive and compassionate human being,” the tweet read.

Of course, what white people don’t seem to grasp is that they’re racist no matter what they do. Even if they stay in bed and bury their heads under a pillow.

With the radical left having successfully mainstreamed its toxic critical race theory, with a huge assist from cooperate America, we are in new territory. The divisive theory has moved beyond indoctrination centers that pass for institutions of higher learning in America today to establish that racism is systemic in American society and that all white people are inherently racist.

That’s where Titania McGrath comes into play, to explain it all to the great unwashed.

Here’s a sampling of responses to the story from Twitter:

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