If SNL won’t make jokes about Joe Biden, we will just have to fill in

Welcome to Tommy’s Garage! This week’s episode lampoons President Joe Biden in epic fashion. If the media and Saturday Night Live won’t do the job, Tommy will. Warning… not in the least politically correct.

First up is the Big News and Tommy hilariously covers issues of the day. He also highlights former President Trump at CPAC and how he now pretty much owns the Republican Party. Beware the hard-hitting jokes.

He goes into the unaccompanied children on the U.S. border as well. His panel calls it like it is with a dose of bawdy humor.

Next up, the coronavirus and the hypocrisy of liberals concerning their kids and schools. No empathy for teachers’ unions either.

What Biden joke-fest would be complete without a discussion on who gets to fumble the nuclear football? But would Democrats, in general, be any better? The president, who seems to wonder where he is at times, gets no sympathy from Tommy’s Garage.

Biden’s pipeline cancellation was covered under the “America Last Plan.” This leads to a discussion on Iran and nuclear weapons and how Biden supports more than one American enemy. “Welcome to Biden’s America.”

There’s so much more including voting, elections, and fraud here and in France. As well as Boston canceling classes for smart kids. If it’s a current topic, Tommy’s Garage fearlessly goes after it. And don’t miss “The Bigot Lottery.”

The segment is roll-on-the-floor laugh-out-loud-funny. A must-see.

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