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The Five gets testy: Greg and Juan clash over ‘Bernie’s mittens embody white privilege’ story

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Greg Gutfled, co-host of Fox News’ “The Five,” set his sights on a teacher from San Francisco who blasted Sen. Bernie Sanders as a symbol of white privilege — Sanders’ sin being that he bundled up at President Joe Biden’s inauguration, wearing a parka and colorful mittens.

Ingrid Seyer-Ochi, a former professor at UC Berkeley, said his attire was a display of  “privilege, white privilege, male privilege and class privilege.”

“What do you see when you see an older man in giant mittens? If you say Mike Tyson at a rematch, you’d be right,” Gutfeld said on “The Five” Tuesday. “Same if you said Bernie Sanders at the inauguration. But if you say, ‘Ah, that’s proof of white privilege,’ then you’re an attention seeking teacher pushing a mind cult.”

“So, how do you know when you’re in a cult? When one claim addresses every aspect of life,” he added. “If you can see white privilege anywhere, then you have got it on the brain. Did you know acronyms are racist?”

(Source: Fox News)

He then explained that the San Francisco school district renamed the art department because they believe acronyms arise from white supremacy.

“In this world, where polarization is the word of the day, why spread more polarizing dogma? Because it sells. Every idea is reduced to a click bait thesis and it’s killing us, literally,” Gutfeld said.

“One of the most obvious findings in social science — reductions in effective policing correlate with rising crime. Less cops, more crime,” he explained. “The reductions in policing were obviously linked to cries of systemic racism. Now you see the dramatic rise in victims happened to be black. While it’s a laugh to think mittens are racist, after 2020, the joke isn’t that funny anymore. You wonder how long a country can endure when everything in it is deemed racist.”

There was an exchange with co-host Dana Perino about how newspapers are starving  for content and that being a possible explanation for such a “stupid piece” being run, as Perino described the editorial.

“Here’s my interpretation,” co-host Jesse Watters chimed in. “A black Bernie wouldn’t have rocked the mittens because a black Bernie would’ve felt social pressure to dress in dress code, whereas white Bernie doesn’t feel that because he’s so privileged he can go casual. And casual Bernie is funny and that’s a meme.”

Co-host Juan William defended the op-ed — no surprise here — though he called it a “gift” for conservatives because they can “talk about it rather than focus on things like impeachment or things like their own party being in the midst of a terrific civil war.”

“We can talk about the silliness of this thing with Bernie’s mittens but white supremacy and seeing the Confederate flag being marched through the U.S. Capitol on January 6, that’s no joke,” he said. “That really happened. That’s really evidence of the continuing threat of violence that comes with white supremacy in this country.”

Watters interjected to tell Williams to “lighten up,” but he continued to make his point that much of the op-ed was about seeing white supremacy exhibited at the Capitol.”

“She sees it everywhere, in the mittens!” Gutfeld interjected. “That’s the point… that’s why we’re doing it.”

As he often does, Williams stuck with the Democratic Party’s prescribed narrative that white supremacy is “a real issue, bigger issue right now than it’s been for many years.”

Perhaps… because the radical left uses it in the furtherance of its identity politics.

Tom Tillison


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