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Hashtag #BidenLied a spectacular embarrassment as angry left lines up to air its grievances

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It’s like clockwork. After every election, Americans are struck by the reality that politicians pandering for votes lied to them.

President Joe Biden, despite his wild popularity with the liberal media, found himself being the top trending hashtag on Twitter Sunday morning: #BidenLied.

While one would naturally assume this trend was being driven by the right, especially given Biden’s early fib about not banning fracking, of all the responses to the hashtag, an attempt by Biden bootlicker Billy Baldwin may have drawn more attention for its shameful effort to flip the narrative in the president’s favor:

Baldwin wasn’t alone, as there was a concerted attempt to hijack the hashtag to save Biden the embarrassment, with social media users tweeting photos of dogs. Oh, and the K-pop Twitter crowd did their part.

But the low hanging fruit here, of course, is Biden’s promise to help Americans.

The unprecedented number of executive orders signed by Biden in his first days did little to help Americans, but they did take away thousands of good jobs, as seen when he killed the Keystone Pipeline.

A hot topic was his promised $2,000 stimulus checks. Not only do they appear to have fallen to a back burner, the checks are also subject to a Biden match.

While not bothering with such details when campaigning from his basement, Biden is now talking about $1,400 checks to be added to $600 checks previously approved and sent out.

Here’s a sampling on that topic, from right and left:

Here’s a sampling of other interesting responses to the story from Twitter:

Tom Tillison


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