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NYT boots editor who shared a little too much careless excitement over Biden

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A New York Times editor who could not contain her glee over Joe Biden’s ascension to the presidency is apparently now a former New York Times editor.

Lauren Wolfe had quite a day right before Biden’s inauguration. As CNN covered the still-president-elect arriving in Washington the day before his swearing-in, Wolfe had tweeted, “Biden landing at Joint Base Andrews now. I have chills.”

But she wasn’t through.

Wolfe also reported via Twitter that the “childish” Trump administration had refused to provide Biden with a military plane to bring him to Washington. “The pettiness of the Trump admin not sending a military plane to bring him to D.C. as is tradition is mortifying,” she wrote, adding, “Childish.”

In a rare feat, the liberal media actually fact-checked one of its own, and reported that Joe Biden’s team had declined the Trump administration’s offer of a military taxi and opted for a private charter plane.

Wolfe, who was ridiculed for her “chills,” subsequently deactivated her Twitter account. Now, she is apparently out at the NYT.

Late Thursday night, Yashar Ali of New York magazine, citing two unnamed sources, tweeted, “Some news… Lauren Wolfe, who was an editor on contract for the NYT, has had her contract canceled after she tweeted what’s on the left,” a reference to the “chills” comment. “Wolfe also tweeted what’s on the right (about the military plane), but deleted when she learned Biden chose to take his own plane.”

Ali added, “Lauren Wolfe was tasked with mostly editing stories that were on the NYT live page (which were constantly updated) related to the pandemic and breaking news events. Most of the criticism of her tweet came from conservatives.”

Much of that did emanate from those on the right, who compared Wolfe’s chills to the infamous thrill that former MSNBC host Chris Matthews said he felt running up his leg whenever Barack Obama spoke.

One Twitter user provided an example: @nytimes editor Lauren Wolfe tweets she has ‘chills’ seeing Biden arrive in DC. Incorrectly claims no offer of military plane. Wolfe then cowardly closes her Twitter account. No neutrality in today’s media. Wolfe is NOT a journalist, just another ultra biased hack propagandist.”

Given the Times’ response to this controversy, maybe cancel culture can cut both ways.

Would be interesting to know if the NYT axed Wolfe on its own in some vain attempt to appear even-handed – easily about four years too late – or if the Biden administration hinted to the NYT that keeping an open cheerleader on the payroll at a time when people on the right already assume the media will be soft on Biden may undermine its “unity” message.


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