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This is getting beyond Orwell … New York Dem says Capitol protest more frightening than 9/11

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Democrats see last week’s protest at the U.S. Capitol that got out of hand as the vehicle to do away with President Donald Trump once and for all, not only destroying Trump’s legacy, but preventing him from ever holding office again.

CNN, which all but functions as the media arm of the Democratic Party, led the way with breathless reporting like this: “Only later did it become clear that lawmakers feared for their lives; that some of the attackers were hunting for congressional leaders; that there could have been a massacre.”


Understanding that impeaching Trump, even after his term expires, prevents him from holding office again, the left must convince Americans the effort is warranted.

Doing its part, the corrupt media began calling the protest an insurrection, a coup designed to overthrow the U.S. government — it wasn’t. But New York’s Democratic state Sen. John C. Liu went even further when he tweeted: “Seeing the Twin Towers crumble is no longer the most frightening moment of my life.”

Keep in mind, an estimated 2,753 people died when the World Trade Center towers collapsed after the 9/11 Islamic terrorist attacks.

To be sure, the Democratic lawmaker doubled down on his over the top assessment of last week’s protest.

Liu told The New York Post on Saturday that he was swept up by the emotion of the moment when he posted the tweet — which remains up.

“My tweet was an emotional response that failed to provide a fuller context and was not meant in any disrespect, especially to those who died on 9/11 and their families,” Liu said, adding, “9/11 is by far the most horrific and outrageous thing I’ve witnessed.”

The state senator said the protest “evoked emotions of outrage, horror and fear that I haven’t felt since Sept. 11.”

Social media users had their own take of the remarks — here’s a quick sampling of  responses to the story from Twitter:

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