Jake Tapper goes off after Trump’s solid debate performance: He’s running ‘sleaziest campaign in history’

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With 12 days to go in the 2020 presidential election and Democratic nominee Joe Biden beginning to falter under the weight of a swirling controversy over his family allegedly profiting from trading on his name, desperation seems to be setting in for some in the media.

Look no further than CNN anchor Jake Tapper, who has done away with any pretense that he is a neutral observer in the presidential race.

In responding to the second and final debate between President Donald Trump and Biden, Tapper blasted the president — the demeanor of the CNN panel he headed up was the best indicator that Trump carried the night.

“He is running the single most negative, sleazy campaign in American history for a major party candidate,” Tapper said of the president.


“That says something,” CNN chief political correspondent Dana Bash interjected, clearly impressed by Tapper’s attack.

With the debate being preceded by a remarkable news conference featuring Hunter Biden’s former business associate Tony Bobulinski, who directly implicated Joe Biden when he said the former vice president is lying about having no knowledge of his son’s overseas ventures, Tapper tried to cleverly associate the allegations against the Biden family with conspiracy theories like “pizza-gate.”

“It used to be that people would be negative and you could always say, ‘Well, don’t forget the campaign against Dukakis,’ or historians like [Michael] Beschloss would come on, say in 1800 Jefferson had pamphleteers who accused John Adams of being a hermaphrodite, or whatever,” Tapper added. “The campaign Trump and his allies in the media, and members of his family and the Trump allied websites and such, are leveling, with charges so heinous I’m not going to say them, just nonsense, crap, tied into QAnon, tied into pizzagate, tied into the worst things you could say about a person, with no evidence, just completely made up, is so disgusting and so beneath what this election should be.”

The anchor of perhaps the most biased network on television, a cable network that has all but dedicated 24/7 coverage to destroying Donald Trump since the day he was elected, had the temerity to sound a warning about “heinous” accusations in the coming days.

“I just want viewers at home to be ready because all of their grandparents’ Facebook feeds and all of the Twittersphere — it’s going to be so heinous over the next 11 days,” Tapper said. “People should be prepared for it. The president leaned into some of it, generally to some of the sleazier baseless accusations, not the worse, but it’s going to get a lot worse.”

In responding later to a tweet, Tapper included rival Fox News as another place to expect some of the “sleazier baseless accusations.”

The liberal media effectively imposed a blackout on Bobulinski’s news conference, as they actively participate in a cover up of the Biden family controversy.

Here’s a sampling of responses to the story from Twitter:

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