‘Don’t be homophobic’: Reporters take to Twitter to gripe about cantankerous call with Ric Grenell

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Former acting director of national intelligence Richard Grenell triggered liberal reporters after he appeared to screen them about before the discussion.

In a Trump campaign call with journalists on Thursday, Grenell seemed to send a strong message about the media’s selective silence on the materials discovered on a laptop computer that allegedly show corruption in the Biden family. Reporters took to Twitter where they complained about the call with Grenell, who also served as the former U.S. ambassador to Germany.

Members of the press were up in arms when the call they believed was to preview Thursday night’s final presidential debate found Grenell refusing to answer questions that were not related to the Biden scandal. Several whined on social media about how Grenell turned the tables on them and confronted their reporting, or lack thereof, on the Biden story.

The former ambassador responded to several of the Twitter complaints later but the Washington Examiner’s Rob Crilly suggested that perhaps there was a clever plan in place the whole time.

(Image: Fox Business screenshot)

“Ric Grenell is a pro. This whole thing, I suspect, is a way to get people to write about the emails while thinking they are writing about how he called a reporter ‘homophobic’ in a campaign press call,” Crilly tweeted, referring to reports of Grenell’s exchange with Tamara Keith of NPR.

And reporters certainly vented about the call.

“Have you reported on the Biden emails?” Grenell reportedly asked NPR’s White House correspondent after she questioned whether the controversial Biden material would be brought up at the debate.

Keith apparently shot back that her job was to cover the White House and not the Biden campaign.

“I’m speaking. Don’t be homophobic,” Grenell, who is himself homosexual, reportedly said. “Don’t interrupt.”

He later tweeted responses to those criticizing him for the exchange and the call in general.

“To be fair, I only asked reporters if they had written on the Biden emails (the purpose of the call) after several people asked wildly ridiculous questions,” Grenell said in another tweet.

Despite the pearl-clutching from the liberal press, many Twitter users responded with applause for Grenell.

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