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With Trump in town, Philadelphia BLM mob harasses white diners, shuts down traffic

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When not attacking police, militant Black Lives Matter protesters appear to have settled into two basic tactics: blocking roadways and attacking white diners.

Following the lead of cities such as Washington, D.C., and Rochester, N.Y., activists in Philadelphia — yet another Democrat-run city — set out to harass white people sitting outside restaurants.


With pandemic restrictions crippling the restaurant industry, many establishments rely on outside dining areas to stay afloat and the so-called racial justice activists are threatening that lifeline, adding unnecessary stress to already overburdened small businesses.

…as they claim to represent we the people.

Shutting down intersections in an attempt to both provoke law enforcement and to inconvenience/punish the general public for not being more supportive of their left-wing cause also played out in the City of Brotherly Love.

Not that the mob limited its lawless behavior to that one action alone.

They even marched in the streets amid dense rush-hour traffic, as BLM mobs still don’t grasp that a human being doesn’t fair too well when going up against vehicles weighing thousands of pounds.

“We’re marching for black lives, against racism, against Donald Trump, Mike Pence –we’re demanding change,” one protester told ABC 6.

At one point, a brave, if unwise Trump supporter on hand began chanting “four more years.”

Fortunately for him, police were nearby and stepped in when the unruly mob started to move in on him:

President Donald Trump was in Philadelphia Monday evening to participate in an ABC News town hall that Fox News host Laura Ingraham insisted was an “ambush.”

Hosted by George Stephanopoulos, the town hall was held at the historic National Constitution Center, and gave Trump the opportunity to face uncommitted voters head-on. Ingraham said “the DNC may as well have put the whole thing on.”

The president being in town may explain why the social justice warriors were a bit agitated — or “triggered,” as suggested in the tweet below:

The great thing for the Democratic Party is that the BLM crowd willingly does double duty as an anti-Trump movement.

The only things missing are the Biden/Harris campaign signs, and you may find one or two if you look hard enough.

More and more, transgender people are becoming the face of the Black Lives Matter movement, along with rich white liberals who took their radical college professors a little too seriously.

One thing that hasn’t changed is their hatred for police, as seen below when the trans protester declared, “I love everybody, but f*ck 12!”

Tom Tillison


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