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Server fired after message left on police officer’s receipt made him afraid to eat his food

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A server was fired from a restaurant in a Chicago suburb after writing “Quit your job!” on the receipt for food ordered by a police detective.

After the detective saw the note on his $66 order from Happy Camper Pizza, he tossed out the entire order over fears that the food had been tainted somehow, according to a Facebook post on Sunday cited by the media outlet CWBChicago.

The detective, who had been working 12-hour days with little downtime, was in full uniform when he placed the order, the outlet said.


The restaurant’s management said they “immediately took action to terminate the employee” after learning about the stunt.

“Our company works incredibly hard to provide a positive and enjoyable experience for all customers,” the company said in a statement posted to the restaurant’s Facebook page.

“We sincerely and humbly apologize – the action of one does not accurately reflect who we are as a company. We have zero tolerance for any behavior that doesn’t give our customers the full respect they deserve,” the statement continued.

In addition, CWBChicago reported that the restaurant’s managers have reached out to apologize directly to the detective.

“Please also know that Happy Camper has reached out to the police officer to personally apologize, offer a full refund and provide a gift card to his restaurant of choice. Thanks again to all of our customers for your understanding,” Happy Camper Pizza management added in a follow up to the original post.

Several people praised the restaurant for its action.

“Nice to see a business take the appropriate action,” a woman wrote. “One employee does not reflect the business as a whole.”

“Good call. Absolutely unacceptable behavior. Thank you for holding the employee accountable. I hope the message was loud and clear to other employees,” said another.

Cops are constantly being discriminated against by minimum wage restaurant employees trying to make political statements, which has only worsened in the ‘defund police’ age.

A Krystal restaurant in Alabama came under fire after its entire staff refused service to a local police officer in February 2016.

In August 2019, a police officer in New Mexico was stunned when Burger King employees drew a pig on the wrapper of a burger that was way overcooked. The restaurant manager fired five employees allegedly responsible.

More recently, the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department launched a potential felony investigation in June after an off-duty LAPD police officer discovered a tampon in his Starbucks drink. The officer was reportedly halfway through his Frappuccino when he made the grotesque discovery. Under California law, the act would be an alleged violation of statutes prohibiting food tampering.

That same month — as George Floyd protests ramped up and rioting and looting began in earnest in cities around the country — a female police officer posted a tearful video after an unusually long delay in getting her order from a McDonalds in which she feared that the order had been tampered with.

“So I told her, I said don’t bother with the food because right now I’m too nervous to take it,” the officer, identified only as “Stacey,” said after describing her lengthy wait and having only received her coffee.

“It doesn’t matter how many hours I’ve been up, it doesn’t matter what I’ve done for anyone, right now I’m too nervous to take a meal from McDonald’s because I can’t see it being made,” she said.

Officers have also reported that their food has been spit on, dropped on dirty floors, and had other nasty things added to it.

Jon Dougherty


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