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CNN’s ‘Republican’ Ana Navarro blasted on a lot of levels for hosting roundtable event for Joe Biden

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Political commentator Ana Navarro-Cárdenas used to mock Joe Biden but is now organizing an event for the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee.

In a move than raised no eyebrows at CNN, where the political analyst is listed as a “Republican strategist,” Navarro-Cárdenas announced that she will be leading a discussion at an event in Florida being billed as a “Hispanic-focused virtual organizing event and roundtable conversation.”

(Image: ABC screenshot)

The event scheduled for Thursday will highlight “the important role Florida Hispanics will play in making Donald Trump a one-term president.”

While claiming to be a Republican, Navarro-Cárdenas has been a vocal critic of President Donald Trump and has made no secret of her decision to be “#RidinWithBiden” in the 2020 race.

Despite her stint as co-chair of the advisory council for 2008 GOP nominee John McCain and her support of former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush’s White House bid in 2016, Navarro has been fawning over Biden for months, even though in 2012, she said he had “amnesia for real.”

Navarro-Cárdenas frequently attacks the president and his supporters using her television and social media platforms.

Navarro-Cárdenas, who also co-hosts ABC’s “The View,” is not an anchor or host on CNN but appears on the network’s opinion side where her hypocrisy runs unchecked. The same woman who slammed Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh while defending Christine Blasey Ford and her accusations against him, tore into former Nevada Democratic Lt. Gov. nominee, Lucy Flores and her accusations against Biden.

But in an obvious lack of self-awareness, CNN has not found any problem with their analyst acting as a Biden surrogate with Thursday’s campaign event in Florida. Yet not long ago, the network that fawned over former President Barack Obama or failed 2016 nominee Hillary Clinton was aghast at Fox News hosts Sean Hannity, Jeanine Pirro and the hosts of “Fox & Friends,” for appearing at a Trump 2018 rally event.

Many Twitter users called out the double standard.



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