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‘Data is a big mess’: More red flags as probe finds ‘repeat’ positive covid tests are skewing overall case numbers

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Health officials in several states and cities are reportedly counting every positive coronavirus test as a new case, even if the same person tests positive for the virus many times, which is very likely artificially inflating the overall count.

An investigation into the phenomenon by Fox News’ Laura Ingraham revealed that a number who initially tested positive for coronavirus have had double-digit positive follow-ups and that each subsequent ‘positive’ was treated as a new, additional case.

In an interview with Ingraham Wednesday, Committee to Unleash Prosperity President Phil Kerpen claims that “repeat tests” are causing major disparities in the number of actual cases.

“We have this huge discontinuity in the data around June 10 where you can just see the number of positives and the number of tests take off everywhere in the country,” Kerpen said. “And, you know, states were told to do this.

(Source: The Ingraham Angle)

“The panic purveyors [were saying] that you have to test everyone. ‘Mass testing is the greatest.’ Then we start seeing these huge numbers of tests, including huge numbers of positives,” he continued. “And it’s ‘Oh, my God, panic. Shut everything down again based on those numbers.’ But a lot of the tests are repeat tests.”

“A lot of the tests … like Florida, lots of other states are reporting positives only, not negatives,” he said. “A lot of employment-based testing, they come in, test everyone. The positives have to be reported to the state, the negatives … they don’t report it.”

“So the data is a big mess. And it’s really unfortunate because we have had a real rise in some places, much more modest than the big peak we saw a couple of months ago,” Kerpen added.

“But it’s very hard to differentiate that and understand how serious it actually is when you have this sea of bad data that we now have as a result of this hyper-testing.”

Ingraham noted that coronavirus positivity rate figures began to be skewed months ago after health officials in Virginia were caught counting the same patients who tested positive for the virus several times.

“You need to know the exact number of tests not the number of people who had tests,” Dr. Daniel Carey, Virginia Secretary of Health and Human Resources, told reporters in early May.

At the time, WWBT reports that “other states” including North Carolina were also counting the number of positive tests, not the number of people testing positive.

On Tuesday, Ingraham addressed the Florida disparity in an interview with local Fox affiliate reporter Robert Guaderrama, who said he was “shocked” to discover the ‘positive-only’ test reporting.

(Source: Fox News)

“We got tipped off…that the numbers didn’t quite look right on the state’s daily case report,” he said. “So, looking into the breakdown of test labs I quickly noticed astronomical positivity rates.”

He went on to explain that while the state’s reported positivity rate is 11 percent, some labs have been “reporting 100 percent positivity,” with “some only reporting positive cases.”

In her interview with Kerpen, Ingraham asked if sending coronavirus hospitalization data to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) would be better than sending it to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

“We’ll have to see how well HHS does. But I give it at least a seven or eight, because CDC has been atrocious,” Kerpen said. “They’ve been so bad that most people are using a website from The Atlantic magazine to track national statistics instead of using the CDC website, which is pretty telling.

“So I don’t think they could be worse. Let me put it that way,” he added.

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