‘All part of the same club’: Hundreds of ex-Bush officials reportedly start pro-Biden super PAC

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President Donald Trump is nothing if not a fighter, and his presidency may have done more to harm the legacy of former President George W. Bush than the media could’ve ever hoped to.

With a stated mission of “draining the swamp,” the Bush family has not exactly been reluctant to push back against Trump and his tactics, showing more fight there than Bush ever showed against the left in his eight years in office.

But then, as seen in a tweet from Southern Baptist Pastor Jerry Falwell, president of Liberty University, Bush is a political class club member in the so-called “swamp.”

“I’ve been saying for months that Bush, Romney, Obama, Clinton are all members of the same ‘club’ and all part of the swamp,” he tweeted.

Falwell’s tweet is in response to a group of former Bush administration members aligning with the Democratic candidate.

With the media feeding the public a steady diet of stories about the Trump campaign being in dire trouble and polling showing presumptive 2020 Democratic nominee Joe Biden running away with the election — from his basement — The Hill reported that hundreds of former members of the Bush administration have formed a super PAC to support Biden.

The former members of a Republican administration are looking to “restore dignity” to the White House.

Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino seemed to hit the nail on the head with his tweet:


Some will argue it was during Bush’s presidency that the progressive left became so emboldened in their opposition, as the vicious attacks on Bush were often beyond the pale — at least, until Trump took office.

And through the worst of it, “W” refused to push back, counting on his integrity to carry the day — although that integrity was sorely missing when it came to critical issues like illegal immigration or stemming the tide of progressivism in America.

The left’s tactics today in the all-out war on Trump, aided and abetted by a complicit media, were honed during the Bush presidency.

In retrospect, it would seem Bush’s endearing faith, which he spoke of often, misled many on the right to believe he was a staunch conservative. That and his reaction to 9/11 marked his presidency as much as anything, as did his treatment of vets.

In the face of the intolerance on the left that now has a firm grip on the country, Bush’s brand of “compassionate conservatism” has been largely rejected by voters on the right.

The swamp places presidential decorum and longstanding protocol over duplicitous actions and fraudulent behavior, but it cannot be lost that Trump is not a politician.

Either way, not everyone is fooled… here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:


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