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Bill Maher attributes ‘reckless experiment’ of COVID-19 lockdown for violent protests

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For what may be the first time in his adult life, vile comedian Bill Maher has said something that suggests a modicum of intelligence rattling around somewhere in his head.

America has logged twelve long days of protests over the death of George Floyd, and the only clear demand, other than justice, which is underway with the police officers involved in the events leading up to his death being fired and facing serious charges, appears to be a left-wing demand of late to de-fund police.

Those taking to the streets day after day defy logic, as they seem to be protesting for the sake of protesting.

On this week’s “Real Time,” Maher pointed to the crippling lockdown of America as a result of the coronavirus imported from Wuhan, China, as an explanation.

“This lockdown that we’ve been living with — do you agree with me? — that this has a lot to do with the unrest in the streets? That when you coop people up and when they have no hope and no job, that they — why not go out in the streets?” Maher asked.

“I wonder what America will look like,” he continued. “What do police departments look like if they have to fight this all the time? I feel like this experiment, this reckless experiment in closing down an entire country for months at a time is not going to look good in the future and this is one reason why.”

Never mind that Democrats were all in on shutting down the country, although the past two weeks adds a whole other element to possible motivations, according to Maher’s supposition.

The remarks came in a segment featuring Georgetown School of Law professor and writer Rosa Brooks, and Michael Steele, the former chair of the Republican National Committee.

And before you start thinking that Maher may be yielding to common sense in his advancing years, the panel also had a discussion about “blood in the streets.”

Not the blood resulting from violent rioting from protesters being propagated in the media as “peaceful protesters” — in a stunning statistic the media is hiding from the American people, at least 17 people have died as a result of the protests.

Protests in the name of peace.

No, Maher and his panel are talking about the blood that will occur when President Donald Trump loses in November and “orders the active-duty military and the police into the streets to try to keep himself in office even though he lost,” as Brooks said.

As bizarre as the claim may be, it’s often repeated on the left in their unhinged, over the top efforts to demonize Trump.

“Whoever wins in November, be it Trump or be it Joe [Biden], there’s gonna be blood in the streets,” Maher pontificated. “I mean if Trump wins, I can’t imagine the kind of demonstrations we saw the last week not repeating themselves and if he doesn’t win…”

He then quotes the president saying he has “tough” people backing him.

Referring to Trump as a “sociopath,” Brooks said that Americans should be “really, really scared” and should be formulating a plan, as she takes her scaremongering to deranged levels.

“Anybody who thinks this guy is gonna go gently into that good night is out of their mind or have been napping or something,” she said.

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