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Newsom opens new in-person voting center in Dem area only; Trump, GOP say to ‘rig’ special election

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The chairman of the House Republican Congressional Committee told “Fox & Friends” Monday morning it seems “pretty clear” that Democrats are attempting to “rig” a special election on Tuesday for California’s 25th district.

Rep. Tom Emmer of Minnesota sent all House Republicans a memo Saturday containing an “urgent call to arms,” alerting them that Democrats are going to “steal” the special election between GOP contender Mike Garcia and Democrat Christy Smith.

The winner will finish the term of freshman Rep. Katie Hill, a Democrat who was forced to resign in disgrace in October over a “throuple” sex scandal exposed by RedState.

Fox News reported that Garcia and leading Republicans are criticizing the county’s decision to open a new in-person balloting center in an area of the district that leans Democrat. They say that Democrats pushed for, and received, the extra voting location after discovering that mail-in balloting was favoring Garcia.

“They [Democrats] see Mike García, retired Navy fighter pilot, about to flip a Democrat seat in California for the first time since 1998,” Emmer said in his memo.

Continuing, Emmer said “Mike has a lead,” noting further that Friday evening the “Los Angeles County clerk announces they are going to open an in-person voting station in the second most Democratic area of the district.”

The GOP congressional leader noted that the voting station opened “on Saturday morning during the pandemic,” which he says represents a clear attempt “to try and sway the election the other way.”

President Trump, meanwhile, reiterated Emmer’s concerns in a tweet on Saturday, in which he ripped the “rigged election” in the district, located in the northern part of L.A. County.

“Governor [Gavin Newsom] of California won’t let restaurants, beaches, and stores open, but he installs a voting booth system in a highly Democrat area (supposed to be mail-in ballots only) because our great candidate [Mike Garcia] is winning by a lot. CA25 Rigged Election!” the president wrote.

Los Angeles County Democrats tried to make the GOP complaint all about race.

“We’re sorry the @NRCC & @MikeGarcia2020 don’t believe voters, especially voters of color, in Lancaster should have adequate access to voting centers in their city to vote. We & @ChristyforCA25 believe everyone should be able to vote safely in their communities. #sorrynotsorry,” the party said in a tweet.

But of course, Trump is right; if people can venture out to vote, why can’t they be allowed to go to a restaurant or open their businesses? And weren’t Democrats and Leftists blasting Wisconsin’s decision to hold its primary in March?

In response to the tweet, Emmer responded, “That’s pretty outrageous.”

“Gov. Newsom announced an all-mail balloting process on March 20. A ballot was mailed to every registered voter in the district,” Emmer continued.

“There also is a stay-at-home order in place to protect people so you don’t come into a precinct and expose yourself and other ones to the virus,” Emmer noted further. “Now, Friday at 5 o’clock, because Mike García, the Republican, is leading on the early returns … he’s got about 11,000 more votes as of Friday, Friday night at 5:00 they announced they’re opening an in-person voting station in a Democrat-concentrated area of the district.

“By the way, it came after the Los Angeles Democrat party chair asked for it,” Emmer added. “And the idea that people of color, that certain demographics, don’t have a mailbox is outrageous.”

The fact is, he said, “everybody can vote. Everybody should vote. Everybody was mailed a ballot.”

Jon Dougherty


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