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Jim Jordan calls out Nancy Pelosi’s ‘sham’ select committee for what it really is

(Image: Fox Business screenshot)

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Rep. Jim Jordan exposed House Democrats for creating another select committee on the coronavirus which he said is just a ruse to go after President Donald Trump.

The Ohio Republican and ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee told Fox Business host Lou Dobbs that eight levels of oversight are already in place to monitor the coronavirus relief bill known as the CARES Act. The addition of yet another select committee, he noted, is simply to “look out for” former Vice President Joe Biden and to attack the president.

(Source: Fox Business)

“We already have eight different entities doing oversight, as we speak, on the CARES Act and the response to the coronavirus,” Jordan said on “Lou Dobbs Tonight” Thursday.

“But the Democrats say that’s not enough, we need a ninth. The eight are working for the American taxpayers, making sure their tax dollars are spent appropriately. The ninth that they just created, the ninth is going to be to look out for Joe Biden,” Jordan said. “Everyone can see it for what it is.”

Jordan pointed out that the committee is chaired by House Majority Whip James Clyburn, the South Carolina Democrat who effectively turned around Biden’s sinking 2020 campaign by endorsing him and securing his home state in the primary.

“That’s who Nancy Pelosi announced as chair of this select committee before the CARES Act even passed a few weeks ago,” Jordan explained.

The GOP lawmaker also addressed the issue on the House floor.

“The ninth is political. Eight committees looking out for the taxpayer, the ninth looking out for Joe Biden. The ninth to go after President Trump,” Jordan said.

The resolution to create the select committee passed on a 212-182 vote Thursday along party lines, with Independent Michigan Rep. Justin Amash voting with Republicans against the measure.

“The committee will root out waste, fraud and abuse,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said during debate on the House floor. “It will be laser-focused on ensuring that taxpayer money goes to workers, paychecks and benefits. And it will ensure that the federal response is based on the best possible science and guided by health experts, and that the money invested is not being exploited by profiteers and price gougers.”

But Jordan argued that the panel, which will be made up of seven Democrats and five Republicans who will hold broad investigative power, is “just a continuation of the attack that the Democrats have had on the President for the past four years.”

“It started before he was president,” Jordan added.

“A select committee in the summer of an election year to attack the President, when we already have eight different entities doing the oversight we’re all supposed to do, to look out for the taxpayer interest,” the lawmaker said, pointing out that Clyburn is the “biggest supporter of the Democrats’ nominee for president.”

Besides the existing oversight of the coronavirus pandemic by the Oversight Committee and the Ways and Means, Financial Services, Education and Labor, and Energy and Commerce committees, the previous relief bill already established an oversight commission, a special inspector general for pandemic recovery, and a panel made up of various inspectors general.

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