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So-called ‘principled conservative’ Bill Kristol goes all-in for Democrat Joe Biden

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The problem with Never Trumpers is that they get so hung up on alleged principals that they forget they’re supposed to be conservatives, as they’re so consumed by their hatred of President Donald Trump that they effectively go all in for Democrats.

On Super Tuesday, Bill Kristol, a leading element in the ever-shrinking Never Trump movement, took to Twitter to proudly declare that he voted for former Vice President Joe Biden in the Democratic primary.

“Just cast my ballot in the Democratic presidential primary, my first since 1976. Then, in Massachusetts, I voted for Scoop Jackson. Scoop (alas!) didn’t prevail. I suspect Joe Biden will,” Kristol tweeted. “I hope he looks to some degree to the example of Scoop Jackson for guidance and inspiration.”

In the run-up to Tuesday, Kristol tweeted a de facto endorsement of the former vice president, praising Biden for his ability to “bring the country together in November.”

“If Biden can bring Amy and Pete together tonight, he can bring the country together in November,” he tweeted.

The tweet came after Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., and former South Bend mayor Pete Buttigieg dropped out of the race ahead of Tuesday’s pivotal primary election — a move that was seen as a consolidation of forces against front-runner and self-avowed socialist, Sen. Bernie Sanders.

And if the high praise of Biden wasn’t enough to convince you of Kristol’s loyalty to Biden and political class Democrats, he went so far as to campaign for the candidate while opposing Sanders:

Trump campaign surrogate David Wohl took the time to give Kristol a little refresher on the man he has aligned with, sharing a clip of Biden butchering the Declaration of Independence on the stump Monday.

In the end, people like Kristol and Rick Wilson are not nearly as significant as they — and CNN — might think they are. The one compelling thing about this cabal may be to watch how the weasels try to worm their way back into the graces of those on the right when the Trump era comes to an end in 2024.

Social media users were only too happy to inform Kristol of how they see him. Here is a quick sampling of responses from Twitter:

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