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Bloomberg using ‘saliva-soaked’ fingers on community food makes inadvertent demo on what NOT to do

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A video of 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg licking his fingers has sent collective shudders down the backs of horrified social media users.

The billionaire and former New York City mayor was captured in a video helping himself to the community pizza box but, as actor James Woods tweeted, his “(unintentional) demo” with “saliva-soaked” fingers provided a stark lesson on how not behave socially in the middle of a virus outbreak.

After appearing to put his fingers in, or at least very near his mouth, Bloomberg breaks off a bit more to eat at the un-identified event, and happily chomps away, appearing to enjoy the snack before licking each finger clean.

Sharp-eyed viewers noted how the 78-year-old immediately touched the cap of the coffee container.

A collective gasp could be heard on Twitter.

Ironically, Bloomberg didn’t take his own advice on how to “stay safe” in the wake of the coronavirus threat.

Many pointed to “privilege” as the cause behind Bloomberg’s bad manners.



Another moment making the social media rounds was Bloomberg momentarily blowing his nose before meeting supporters in Miami, Florida on Tuesday.

The 2020 hopeful was insistent that he was not “siphoning votes and delegates away” from rival Joe Biden and helping Sen. Bernie Sanders.

“I’m not helping Bernie Sanders. I’m trying to help myself,” he said.

In a press conference later, he reportedly suggested it was Biden who would be taking votes away from him, while admitting he didn’t know if he would actually win any states in the Super Tuesday voting.

His handkerchief hygiene triggered more Twitter users.

Frieda Powers


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