Registered sex offender Anthony Weiner looking to slip into son’s school, upset parents push back

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When it comes to accountability, Anthony Weiner doesn’t seem to grasp yet that his actions will never allow him to be seen as just another member of society.

A registered sex offender, the disgraced Democratic politician served 21 months in prison for sending sexually explicit text messages to a 15-year-old girl, and now that he’s out, Weiner wants to be more involved in the education of his 8-year-old son, to include attending parent-teacher conferences.

But “freaked out” parents at the elite private school little Jordan attends have another view on that, according to Page Six.

The celebrity news and entertainment site owned by the New York Post reported that parents are pushing back on reports the school board is considering allowing Weiner back on campus.

The school reportedly has a policy in place that restricts Weiner from going only as far as its gates.

“Parents are very upset,” an insider told Page Six. “The school has kids that are 16 and 17 — the same age as [the kid] that he was [sexting] with.”

A troubling aspect here is that Weiner acknowledged he was aware of the teenage girl’s age when he was sexting with her.

Sex offenders are typically not allowed on school grounds, according to the article, but New York state regulations make an exception if the offender has a child at the school, under certain circumstances. But Page Six noted school boards can make the decision to disallow or allow the parent past their gates.

As reported by Page Six, Weiner and wife Huma Abedin filed for divorce in Sept. 2017, but Abedin withdrew her petition in Jan. 2018 for the sake of their son. After Weiner was released from prison and spent time in a halfway house, he reportedly moved to an apartment in the same East Village apartment building as Abedin — just down the hall.

For what was said to be the first time since Halloween 2019, Weiner and Abedin were spotted together publicly last week.

“Now, Jordan was nowhere in sight, as Abedin wore a long black coat with high grey boots,” the Daily Mail reported. “Weiner cut a casual figure in a sweatshirt and beanie, and took a phone call prompting Abedin to walk a head of him.”

Here’s a quick sampling of responses to the story in support of the parent’s concerns, as seen on Twitter:

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