Sean Hannity, dying to reveal surprises in Trump Super Bowl interview, teases a few juicy parts

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With exoneration “on the horizon,” President Trump sat down with Fox News’ Sean Hannity for an interview ahead of Super Bowl LIV, and Hannity appeared on “Fox & Friends” on Sunday to promise the end product was “entertaining.”

Asked for a hint on what to expect, Hannity replied: “It was a lightning round.”

A clip of the interview was then played, with the Fox News host asking the president for his thoughts on billionaire Michael Bloomberg, the late entry into the Democratic primary.

“Very little,” Trump replied, in reference to Bloomberg’s 5′ 8″ height. “I just think of little. You know, now he wants a box for the debates — to stand on.”

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Saying it’s okay to be short, the president asked why Bloomberg should be “entitled” to have a box to stand on, asking if other candidates will be given the same luxury.

With a 6′ 3″ height, this is not something with which Trump has to concern himself.

For the record, failed 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton used a customized shorter lectern to mitigate a glaring height difference when she debated Trump.

Trump went on to say that Bloomberg is getting considerations that others like Sen. Cory Booker, D-N.J., didn’t get before having to drop out of the race.

“I think it’s very unfair for the Democrats, but I would love to run against Bloomberg. I would love it,” he said in the clip.

Co-host Steve Doocy joked about Bloomberg standing on a raised platform, “A box of rebellion!”

Hannity said Bloomberg “wants to bloody up the president a little bit” by using up to $1 billion against Trump, adding the former New York City mayor will run an anti-gun Super Bowl ad.

On that note, he teased that Trump “said something else which I think will get some attention.”

Co-host Brian Kilmeade said he believes there is “panic on the left” with Sen. Bernie Sanders, a self-avowed socialist, surging in the polls.

This prompted Hannity to say he wished he could share the answer Trump gave him on the matter.

“Bernie got robbed in the last election,” Hannity said. “They totally stacked the deck against him.”

He added that “it’s probably happening again,” before shifting his focus to the strategy that Bloomberg is employing, which is to focus on Super Tuesday, under the belief that no one will have emerged by then as the leader.

The discussion came back around to Sanders and the surge he is enjoying, prompting Hannity to again tease his interview with Trump.

“When you watch tonight you will love the president’s description of Bernie Sanders,” he promised.

Doocy pointed out that Democrats could end up with a brokered convention, saying Sanders “could get ripped off again.”

This prompted Hannity to express skepticism over some reports that Hillary Clinton may get in again because of this.

Kilmeade then offered a theory on why Democrats may be greasing the skids for Bloomberg.

“I think the reason that they changed the rules on the debate to allow Bloomberg in, saying donors no longer matter but they wouldn’t do it for the others is because Joe Biden is failing miserably,” he said.

A clip is then played of Biden at a campaign event, getting distracted by someone he sees in the audience that he apparently knows, though he didn’t appear to remember the man’s name, only to then lose track entirely of what he was speaking about.

Doocy brought up a couple of ads from President Trump, asking Hannity if he knew about the second yet-to-be-released ad. While Hannity said he knew all about the ad, he was tight-lipped about whether or not it was humorous, as Doocy suggested.

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