President Trump and Melania met with thunderous cheers at football championship game: ‘4 more years!’
Screen capture … POTUS and FLOTUS entering the field before Monday’s game to a roaring ovation … Credit: ESPN

It wasn’t a Trump rally, but it could have been. A long, roaring ovation greeted POTUS and the First Lady as they walked across the field at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans Monday evening before the NCAA National Championship Game.

Before the two reached midfield for the pregame playing of the national anthem, many in the crowd of more than 78,000 were chanting  “U-S-A, U-S-A” and “Four more years!”

Progressives claimed there were “some boos,” but if there were, they were few and far between.

One can almost imagine the Superdome crowd engaging in a voice vote on the pending impeachment trial in the U.S. Senate, and their support for President Trump being heard loud and clear all the way to D.C.

Democrats no doubt had to plug their ears to get through the patriotic moment, but Republicans in the Senate at the very least received the resounding message sent from the heart of football-nation.

The college championship game was between Louisiana State University (LSU) and Clemson–two unbeatens. LSU won by a score of 42-25 behind an incredible performance by star quarterback Joe Burrow who passed for 463 yards and five touchdowns.

Monday’s game was the third college football match-up attended by Trump this season, and the second LSU game he watched from the stands. The other LSU game was the “Game of the Century” in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, in which the Tigers beat Alabama 46-41.

Is there any better way for a politician to win over die-hard football fans than to show up as a good luck charm and deliver big victories for the team?

In 2016, Trump took Louisiana with 58.1% of the vote. Hillary Clinton had only 38.4%. Given the depth and passion for football in the state, it may be that Louisiana can already be projected as a landslide in this year’s November election.

No doubt there were many thousand Clemson fans in the Superdome Monday as well and the deafening overall approval for the Trumps indicate South Carolina will also be an easy win for the GOP team later this year. In 2016, Trump took that state with 54.9% of the vote, compared to 40.7% for Clinton.

The pregame had to be a stunner for at least some of the folks watching on TV … namely, those who take the CNN and MSNBC political narratives as gospel.

“And why was he even there,” those lefties whined …

Denial is always the left’s go-to reaction, no matter how ridiculous their claims might be …

In the end, facts prevail and the truth of the matter is, the President enjoys a level of support that is seldom seen.

Victor Rantala


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