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Bernie Sanders reneges on pledge to release health records after his heart attack

Bernie Sanders health records heart attack
Socialist Bernie Sanders is reneging on his promise to release all his health records after initially pledging to release them to allay voter concerns following his recent heart attack. (screenshot)

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Democratic socialist Bernie Sanders is backpedaling on his promise to release all his health records after vowing to disclose them following his October 2019 heart attack.

At the time, Sanders promised CNN (video below) that he would “release all the records” to reassure voters that his health is not failing, even though he initially tried to cover up his heart attack.

When asked at a press conference yesterday (Jan. 2) if he planned to release all his health records as he had promised, Sanders replied: “I think probably not.”

Senator Sanders, 78, is the oldest presidential candidate. His Democratic primary rival, Joe Biden, is the second-oldest at age 77.

If Bernie were elected, he would be the oldest person ever to become U.S. president (he’d be 79 at the inauguration).

Earlier this week, the Sanders campaign released a summary of health records, including three letters from doctors claiming that Bernie is physically fit to serve as president, even though he suffered a heart attack just two months ago.

Sanders’ primary physician Dr. Brian Monahan wrote: “You are in good health currently and you have been engaging vigorously in the rigors of your campaign, travel, and other scheduled activities without any limitation.”

(Source: CNN)

Meanwhile, Joe Biden’s health has come under scrutiny after Barack Obama’s longtime physician pronounced that “frail” Joe is “not healthy” and is at risk for deadly strokes.

“He’s not a healthy guy,” said Dr. David Scheiner. “Could I guarantee he won’t have issues for the next four years? [Nope.]”

Biden’s health has become an issue amid his unending stream of epic gaffes on the campaign trail. Notably, Biden has repeatedly forgotten which city or state he was in and often seemed confused while addressing voters.


While the Left constantly mocks President Trump over his weight, few can accuse him of being frail or lacking energy. The same cannot be said of Democratic frontrunners Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden.

In 2018, President Trump passed a rigorous mental fitness test (that screens for memory loss or early dementia) with flying colors.

Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden remain the Democratic primary frontrunners as we approach the crucial Iowa caucuses, which starts on February 3.

Elizabeth Warren’s poll numbers have plunged despite the implicit backing she has received from former president Barack Obama.

If the impeachment trial begins this month and continues into February, both Senators Sanders and Warren would be forced off the campaign trail to attend the Senate trial. It would be disastrous for any candidate to leave the campaign trail at the height of the Iowa caucuses.

Meanwhile, multiple polls have President Trump beating all his Democratic rivals in general-election match-ups. Indeed, three election-prediction models project that Trump will cruise to a 2020 landslide.

The Moody’s Analytics prediction model has been accurate since 1980 — missing only once in its 40-year history. That was in 2016, when it incorrectly projected that Hillary Clinton would win the electoral college.

trump 2020 landslide moody's

The three prediction models show Trump getting at least 289 electoral votes in 2020. You need 270 votes to win.

One of the prediction models shows the president scoring a staggering 351 electoral votes — a total landslide. “The election is Trump’s to lose,” according to Moody’s Analytics.

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