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TX Gov. Abbott’s tweet clip of wheelchair-bound man climbing rock wall sparks debate


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Texas Gov. Gregg Abbott tweeted an inspirational video showing a man confined to a wheelchair rising above his limitations to climb a rock wall.

As inspiring as the viral video is, one social media user found no solace in the clip.

Responding to the Republican governor’s tweet, this person — surely a Democrat — said: “So great to see but if I ever end up in a wheelchair I’m just ending it.”

Of course, it’s easy to speak of what you may do in a situation when not faced with the immediacy of the circumstances and its emotional toll — the human spirit and the will to survive are feats to behold.

Abbott is paralyzed from the waist down after an accident in July of 1984.

At age 26, Abbott was paralyzed when an oak tree fell on him while out jogging after a storm. He’s been in a wheelchair ever since.

Abbott received a multimillion-dollar lawsuit settlement from the accident, although he told the Texas Tribune in 2013 that he’d gladly give the money back if he could regain the use of his legs.

“Money doesn’t heal anything. Money doesn’t allow me to walk. It doesn’t allow me to dance with my wife. It doesn’t allow me to pick up my daughter. It doesn’t allow me to walk my daughter down the aisle when she gets married,” Abbott said. “If you could name the person I could write the check to, I’d send all this money right back if I could walk again.”

The reaction to the negative tweet was somewhat remarkable itself. Just as you lose all faith in the power of the internet to deliver something positive, you are caught by surprise.

Here’s a sampling of responses to the nay-saying social media user from Twitter:

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