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Anderson Cooper: ‘Bless her heart’ Nikki Haley calls ‘daddy dearest’ Trump ‘truthful.’ Doesn’t she have TV?

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CNN’s Anderson Cooper cannot for the life of him figure out why Nikki Haley, the former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, would call President Donald Trump “truthful.” Cooper went on a snarky rant on his show Wednesday night in response to Haley’s positive words about the president.

Responding to an interview Haley did with “The Today Show” where she defended the president in a series of rapid fire questions, Anderson jumped into a condescending rant where his elitism could be smelled through the television screen.

“Did you notice she gave herself some wiggle room by saying ‘In every instance I dealt with him he was truthful.’ It’s like when Vice President Pence or other politicians respond to a question that they don’t want to answer or respond to by saying, ‘Well, all I can tell you is what I saw,'” Cooper said.

“Actually, no. You all can speak to things you haven’t seen … For instance, I haven’t been on the moon, but I know it’s not made out of cheese,” he continued. “I’m sure Nikki Haley worked very hard as the U.N. Ambassador, but she has eyes and ears and a TV like the rest of us, and Trump makes stuff up all the time on TV.”

Cooper then played clips of Trump supposedly lying, but the examples were tenuous at best. One example was the president alleging that some people, especially in cases like California, vote multiple times in elections. Cooper shook his head back and forth while the clip played, but the fact that someone in the media can be so decisively dismissive of voter fraud, a real issue, says more about him than it does the president.

“Apparently, he [Trump] makes stuff up in front of us, the American people, but speaks truth directly to Nikki Haley,” Cooper went on to say. “Bless her heart.”

Cooper went a step further in his criticism of Haley and claimed that all of her recent comments on her book tour are politically motivated, including her criticism of Rex Tillerson and John Kelly, two administration officials she claimed tried to deliberately undermine the president.

“As for speaking truth to power, Ambassador Haley knows which way the wind is blowing in Republican politics,” said Cooper. “And she was willing to throw some people in the administration under the bus, just the ones who don’t matter anymore, the ones who are no longer in power and no longer in the good graces of daddy dearest.”

Cooper then gave a flat attempt at humor when he responded to a clip of Haley dismissing Tillerson calling her accusations about his actions in the administration a lie.

“That’s so Rex,” Haley said on “Fox & Friends” in response to Tillerson.

“‘That’s So Rex,’ it’s the long-awaited sequel to ‘That’s So Raven,'” Cooper said. “John Goodman is going to star as Rex Tillerson, a spunky retiree with psychic abilities who uses disguises to get himself involved in age-inappropriate teenage hijinks. ‘That’s So Rex.’ Coming next fall, streaming on Disney.”

What a biting bit of political commentary.


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