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‘That bad swacky!’ NFL ‘kneeler’ laments Alabama’s loss: ‘I’m blaming Trump for this one’

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NFL running back Mark Ingram, former Heisman Trophy winner from Alabama, tweeted out evidence that the hits to his head have taken a toll, as he blamed President Trump for his alma mater’s loss to LSU on Saturday.

“I’m blaming Trump for this one. Soon as they showed him at game we had that bad swacky!!” he wrote.

Early in the game, the president and first lady were shown on the stadium’s Jumbotron and received an immense ovation from the crowd of over 100,000. Shortly after that, ‘Bama’s quarterback Tua Tagovailoa fumbled and LSU never looked back, taking the victory in the rivalry match between the first and second ranked teams in the nation.

So it’s obvious that there was collusion between Trump and the football gremlins to spook the host team and allow Russia to win the game … or something like that. Watch the scandalous play here:

Ingram is one of the NFL’s spoiled national anthem protesters who think their divisive on-field actions are warranted in the name of “justice and equality.”

Before the big college matchup, Ingram pretty much guaranteed a ‘Bama win, telling ESPN: “We own them … We finna whoop that.” He called LSU a “red-headed stepchild.”

Somebody make that speed-dial call to the racism experts … do we have a lawsuit here?

Too bad fans can’t impeach NFL players for idiocy.

Fact is, there were plenty of ‘Bama fans wishing Ingram would not have given LSU bulletin-board material as extra motivation before the game.

LSU’s 46-41 victory in Tuscaloosa snapped Alabama’s 31-game home winning streak and resulted in the Tigers’ number one ranking in most college football polls.

Fact is, LSU was the better team and for certain anti-Trump ‘Bama rooters, the president’s attendance at the game ended up as salt in the wound. And no, there are clearly not many anti-Trumpers in the great state of Alabama as proven with the Southern hospitality given to the Trumps during the game …

As for the age-old question of “what is more divisive … politics or football?” Well, that’s debatable, but throw the two together in a blender and you get total mayhem …

Victor Rantala


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