‘He really is a dumb jacka**’: Hannity goes off over getting sucked into impeachment testimony

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Fox News’ Sean Hannity went off Tuesday night on the media’s focus on testimony from ousted Ukraine Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch suggesting he played a role in her demise.

“In reality, despite the obsessive, fake news reporting by the media mob, I don’t know anything about this woman,” Hannity said. “Her name was barely mentioned but a few times on this program just in passing, basically. And to this day I haven’t talked to anyone from Ukraine that I knew was from Ukraine. Nobody. Ever. I certainly was not lobbying for her removal.”

Referencing Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Yovanovitch testified before the House Intelligence Committee:

“What I was told by [State Department official] Phil Reeker was that the Secretary, or perhaps somebody around him, was going to place a call to Mr. Hannity on Fox News to say, you know, ‘what is going on? I mean, do you have proof of these kinds of allegations or not? And if you have proof, you know, tell me, and if not, stop.'”

Source: Fox News

Hannity ran a montage of the “mass hysteria” from MSNBC, featuring anchor Chris Hayes talking about an alleged “whisper campaign of slander that’s being directed at her to get her removed.”

Another clip showed national-affairs analyst John Heilemann saying Yovanovitch was basically saying “the state media’s out to get you,” before likening Fox News to the former Soviet Union’s state news agency Tass.

(There are no filters at MSNBC, or CNN for that matter, when it comes to Trump derangement, where just about anything will be put across the air if it furthers the cause of destroying President Trump.)

Hannity unloaded on Heilemann over that remark.

“He really is a dumb jacka**,” Hannity declared. “I never talked to the Secretary of State or anybody else from the State Department. All of what you saw, oh, shouldn’t be surprising. Let’s see, a hoax? More fake news, more conspiracy theories? None of that happened.”

The Fox News host also took to Twitter to protest CNN’s coverage of the story, dissing network president Jeff Zucker in the process.

“Breaking fake news! Never ever talked to Secy Pompeo about Ukraine PERIOD! Fake News CNN trying to boost their ratings by showing me. Biased Zucker needs to start paying me,” Hannity tweeted.

To hear the unhinged left tell it, when it comes to the Trump administration, Hannity — and Fox News — is “the nexus through which all things pass.”

Who knew?

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