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Chris Cuomo performs do-over of Giuliani interview … without Giuliani

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CNN host Chris Cuomo is sure than Rudy Giuliani’s wild interview with him was just a cover for President Donald Trump.

Cuomo told viewers of “Cuomo Prime Time” on Friday that he had “seen this act before” and was “unaffected” by Giuliani’s heated exchanges with him in the previous evening’s interview.

(Video: Chris Cuomo/Twitter)

The CNN host called the Trump lawyer and former New York City mayor a “man with a plan” during the “Closing Argument” segment on his show Friday, claiming to know just what was behind the sometimes hostile segment which included Giuliani accusing Cuomo of having an “agenda” and being a “sellout.”

“Don’t get caught up in the passion and miss what’s really going on,” Cuomo said Friday, referring to the interview which focused on the “bombshell” report of a whistleblower complaint against Trump and an alleged phone conversation with Ukraine’s president to investigate former vice president Joe Biden and his son.

“The reason I seemed unaffected by the heat is because I’ve seen this act before. The rage and the rabid ripostes are just to get attention to what Mr. Giuliani wants you all to take in,” Cuomo told his viewers.

He proceeded to break down the “tactics” he alleged the former U.S. Attorney employed, including to “pre-empt the story before it breaks to soften the blow” and to “move the goalposts” in counter-arguments.

“Now, while I argue that Giuliani’s play is obvious, that does not make it ineffective,” Cuomo said. “He got a ton of attention with his outbursts but his Biden bombs went out too, and while he was tested here and was exposed for being tricky with the truth, many outlets are just repeating his side, helps his cause.”

In Cuomo’s opening statement on Friday’s show, he declared that Giuliani “came with a plan.”

“You have to see past the passion and see the purpose,” Cuomo said. “Giuliani came with a plan to provide cover for the president.”

(Video: CNN)

“He needs you, me, and everyone listening to believe that they have a deeply bonafide conviction… that Biden was corrupt, his son was corrupt, and there are legitimate questions of interest to United States national security, because then, if the president asked about it, even if he withheld aid because of a concern about it, well, then, it’s not about his personal agenda or just wanting to hurt an opponent,” he argued.

Cuomo’s show included discussions with former U.S. attorney Preet Bharara and disgraced former FBI Deputy Director, Andrew McCabe, now a CNN contributor.

McCabe slammed Giuliani’s “strategy” in laying out “inflammatory conspiracy theories” as he agreed with Cuomo about the method behind the Trump lawyer’s seeming madness.

Twitter users mocked the CNN host’s self-righteous analysis of the president’s motives and that of his lawyer, Giuliani.

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