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Buttigieg awkwardly defends 3rd trimester abortions even after parents ‘have chosen a name or purchased a crib’

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It’s not so much that Democratic candidates refuse to draw a line when it comes to abortion that’s remarkable, it’s that tens of millions of Americans support killing a fully developed baby up to the very moment of birth.

Well after parents have “chosen a name or purchased a crib,” as explained by South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg Sunday evening during a Fox News town hall.

That’s unconscionable.

Host Chris Wallace cited the liberal abortion law signed into law recently in New York before asking Buttigieg, “Do you believe at any point in pregnancy, whether it’s 6 or 8 or 24 weeks or whenever, that there should be any limit on a woman’s right?”

“I think that dialogue has got so caught up on where you draw the line,” he replied. “That we have gotten away from the fundamental question of who gets to draw the line. And I trust women to draw the line when it’s their own.”

“Just to be clear, you’re saying that you would be okay with a woman well into the third trimester deciding to abort their pregnancy?” Wallace pressed.

Buttigieg, the first openly gay presidential candidate, tried to dismiss the question as a hypothetical intended to drive an emotional response, but Wallace countered, “It’s not hypothetical, there are 6,000 women a year who got abortions in the third trimester.”

And while the mayor reduced 6,000 potentially viable babies being killed to a matter of statistics, pointing out the number represents “less than  1 percent of cases,” what he said next drew a hearty round of applause from the liberal audience.

“Let’s put ourselves in shoes of a woman in that situation, if it is that late in your pregnancy that means almost by definition, you’ve been expecting to carry it to term,” Buttigieg told Wallace. “We’re talking about women who perhaps have chosen a name or purchased a crib, family’s that then given the most devastating medical news of their lifetime, something about the health or the life of the mother that forces them to make an impossible, unthinkable choice, and the bottom line, as horrible as that choice is, that woman, that family may seek spiritual guidance, they may seek medical guidance. But that decision is not going to be made any better medically or morally because the government is dictating how the decision should be made.”

After dismissing Wallace’s hypothetical, Buttigieg presented his own to divert from the reality that 3 out of every 4 abortions is reportedly elective.

And the audience was none the wiser.

On a side note, Florida records a reason for every abortion that occurs in the state.

In 2018, there were 70,083 abortions, with the reasons and percentages of each listed below:

Percentage Reason
.01% The pregnancy resulted from an incestuous relationship
.14% The woman was raped
.27% The woman’s life was endangered by the pregnancy
1.0% There was a serious fetal abnormality
1.48% The woman’s physical health was threatened by the pregnancy
1.67% The woman’s psychological health was threatened by the pregnancy
20.0% The woman aborted for social or economic reasons
75.4% No reason (elective)
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