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Nancy Pelosi yanks VP Pence’s House office space away from him … because she can

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Speaker Nancy Pelosi is apparently cleaning House.

The California Democrat has reportedly revoked an office space belonging to Vice President Mike Pence at the U.S. House of Representatives, as the new Democratic majority settles in, according to NPR.

(File Photo: screenshot)

Though he rarely used the office, Pence, a former House member, was given the first-floor space in the U.S. Capitol by Pelosi’s Republican predecessor, former Speaker Paul Ryan, as a symbolic gesture in 2017 after President Trump’s inauguration,

In his current capacity as vice president, Pence serves as the president of the U.S. Senate and has an office on the Senate side of the Capitol which he uses when he travels to Capitol Hill  to speak with lawmakers. The former Indiana governor served one term as chairman of the House Republican Conference during his six terms in Congress.

A senior House Democratic aide confirmed to NPR on Tuesday that Pelosi reclaimed Pence’s House office which was reassigned, and the placard above the room that identified the space was unceremoniously removed in recent weeks. Allocating space on the House side of Congress falls under the discretion of the Speaker.

“Room assignments are reviewed and changed at the beginning of every Congress,” the aide said.

According to NPR:

The speaker has sole authority to dole out office space in the Capitol, which is prized real estate for members of leadership and senior staff. While Pelosi revoked Pence’s office privileges, the aide said she is providing new office space for the White House legislative affairs team that it did not previously enjoy under the GOP majority.


Pence was the first vice president in 25 years to have dedicated House-side office space according to the Democratic aide.

Twitter users weighed in on the shuffle of real estate, with some cheering on Pelosi for yanking the office space and privileges.

Many Twitter users were not amused, however, calling the move “petty” and “childish.”

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